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This article is about Viktor Hargreeves from the Netflix series. You may be looking for the White Violin from Dark Horse comics, or the episode of the same name.

"Who I am is not a disease."
—Viktor Hargreeves[src]

Viktor Hargreeves[2], formerly known as Vanya Hargreeves and originally designated as Number Seven, is one of the forty-three children who were all born on the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989 to mothers without any previous signs of pregnancy. The baby was one of seven kids adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves with the intention of training them to save the world. Unlike his six adoptive siblings, Viktor seemingly has no superpowers. He had a talent for violin, and when he was an adult wrote an autobiography about his life as the ordinary member of the Umbrella Academy.

However, Viktor's life was a lie. He not only possessed powers but, ironically, was arguably the most powerful of the entire academy. Early on, Sir Reginald discovered that his emotions were linked to his ability to harness sound and convert it into energy. Despite trying to teach him to control them, he deemed Viktor's powers to be too great and destructive to ever be let out. As a result, Sir Reginald worked to cover them up and suppress them. He was placed on medication to suppress his emotional state, and Sir Reginald made his sister, Allison, convince him that he was ordinary by using her own power to subtly alter reality by lying.

Viktor learned the truth about his powers when Leonard Peabody came across Sir Reginald's journal and manipulated him to gain revenge on the Academy. After all the revelations and the way he was treated by his family, Viktor's powers became fully unleashed and, in his subsequent rampage, he incidentally triggered the apocalypse.

Despite being transported away from the apocalypse, Viktor finds his mind wiped after being hit by a car when he arrives in October 12, 1963 through the time jump. He is taken in by the family who drove the car in which he forms a unique bond with. He rediscovers his unique ability shortly after which allows Five to track him down and reunite him with the remainder of the Academy. While trying to stop an apocalyptic nuclear war, Diego learns that it was Viktor who once again triggered the apocalypse by blowing up an FBI building during the assassination of John F. Kennedy which was blamed on the Soviets, leading to World War III. Ben was able to talk Viktor out of this action and finally avert the apocalypse.


Early life

"On the 12th hour of October 1st, 1989, 43 women around the world gave birth."

Tatiana gives birth to Viktor.

Viktor Hargreeves is one of forty-three children born simultaneously to mothers with no previous signs of pregnancy on the twelfth hour of October 1st, 1989. He was adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves and designated as his "Number Seven."[3] He was assigned female at birth and lived like that until his coming out much later in life.

Searching for a Nanny

"Hello, Number Seven. My name is Grace. I'm your new nanny."
—Grace to Viktor[src]

Viktor refuses to eat his oatmeal.

At the age of four, Viktor proved to be troublesome. He disliked oatmeal and refused to eat it. Sir Reginald hired a succession of nannies to try and get Viktor to cooperate, but Viktor harnessed the power of a whistling kettle to kill (most likely (not confirmed), but at the very least, severely injure) each one in turn, when they tried to make him eat the oatmeal.

Grace attempts to persuade Viktor to eat his oatmeal

Finally, Viktor was introduced to Grace, a robot built by Sir Reginald. The same thing happened to Grace; Viktor's power threw her across the room and she hit her head with a sickening crack. However, Grace was unfazed and got back up, her head having been knocked 180 degrees around. Viktor was disturbed and watched as Grace moved her head back to the right position and encouraged him to eat his oatmeal. Viktor quickly began eating his breakfast.[4]

Viktor's Training

"I heard a rumor, you think you're just ordinary."
—Allison to Viktor[src]

Viktor struggles to break the wine glasses with his power

Viktor's powers are tested by Sir Reginald. In a controlled environment, Sir Reginald has Viktor concentrate on the resonance of a tuning fork, harnessing it and using it to destroy a wine glass.[5]

Viktor successfully uses his power.

Viktor's training under Sir Reginald continues for twelve days straight with success. However, during a thunderstorm, Viktor is unable to concentrate on the resonance of the tuning fork. Instead, he harnesses the sound of the storm around him, destroying all of the wine glasses without a shred of control. Sir Reginald begins to see just how powerful Viktor is and concludes his training for the time being.[5]

Viktor being brought to a confinement cell.

Sir Reginald takes Viktor to a special soundproof vault he has constructed in the basement, telling him that it is a special place just for him. Sir Reginald wants to further test Viktor's abilities to see if they can be regulated. With Pogo's help, he locks a scared Viktor into the chamber.[5] Eventually, he came to the conclusion that his powers could not be controlled and were too dangerous.

Viktor being locked away by Reginald.

Any emotional turbulence or lack of focus caused the powers to be uncontrollably released, each time with massive destructive capability, even training him were too risky to attempt.

Viktor is brainwashed by Allison.

As a result, he locks him in the soundproof box, telling the other children that Viktor is sick and had to be isolated. None of the children questioned it. Grace brought food and medicine for Viktor. One day, Sir Reginald brought Allison to the chamber and made her use her power on Viktor, telling him, "I heard a rumor, you think you're just ordinary."[5]

The Umbrella Academy

"We've been through this before Number Seven. I'm afraid there's just nothing special about you."
Sir Reginald Hargreeves and Viktor.[src]

Reginald tells Viktor there's nothing "special" about him.

At the age of thirteen, the children of the Umbrella Academy make their first public appearance, stopping a robbery at the Capital West Bank. As the rest of the Academy deal with the thieves, Sir Reginald watches from above with Viktor. When Viktor asks why he cannot play with the rest of the children, Sir Reginald tells him it is because he is not special.

Viktor is saddened by Reginalds comment.

Once the Academy has successfully stopped the robbery, Sir Reginald introduces the world to the inaugural class of the Umbrella Academy, but only mentions that he adopted six children, rather than seven.[3]

Viktor helps Reginald train the others.

Despite not being part of the team, Viktor assisted Sir Reginald with training the other members of the Academy. His brainwaves were monitored by his father while he slept. All of the children, except for Viktor, were given umbrella tattoos on their wrists.

Viktor draws the Umbrella Academy emblem on his wrist.

In an effort to feel included, Viktor drew one on his own wrist in marker.[3]

With his siblings off on a mission, Sir Reginald tells Viktor to be prepared to study alone. Viktor sees Sir Reginald's violin and asks to borrow it as his studies pertained to music. Sir Reginald agrees. Viktor promises Grace that he will learn to play it and be extraordinary.[6]

Leaving the Academy

"Not after what you did."
—Diego to Viktor[src]

Viktor leaves the Umbrella Academy.

In 2014, Viktor purchases a typewriter from a pawn shop. He writes a tell-all biography about his life as Number Seven entitled "Extra-Ordinary: My Life as Number Seven". The book is a moderate success; Viktor engages in a press tour reading excerpts from the book. Eventually, interest wanes in Viktor's book and it is offered at a 50% discount.[7]

Viktor reading his book at a convention.

After the publication of the book, Viktor sent a copy to his father with the inscription: "Dad, I figured, why not. V."[3]

Return to The Academy.

Attending the funeral

"What is she doing here? You don't belong here."
—Diego Hargreeves to Allison and Viktor[src]

Viktor plays a song on his violin.

Viktor plays a number of songs from The Phantom of the Opera at a violin audition. On the way home, he sees a news report on television that his father has died and takes a taxi to the Academy. Viktor's arrival is met with a mixed reception; Allison is pleased to see him, but Diego believes Viktor should not be there after writing his book about them. Viktor is welcomed by Pogo and asks if Sir Reginald ever read his book.

Viktor learns of his fathers death.

Pogo tells him that he did not to the best of his knowledge.[3] The reunion with the rest of the family is mixed. Luther suspects that their father was murdered and that one of them might be to blame. The return of Number Five through a temporal anomaly surprises all of the gathered siblings.

Viktor witnesses the return of Number Five.

They question him about his absence and then attend their father's memorial service in the courtyard. During the service, Luther and Diego get into a fight that ends when Diego draws blood. Viktor angrily tells him that he never knows when to stop, but Diego replies by asking if he has enough material for a sequel.

Viktor at Reginald's funeral.


Learning the truth

"The world ends in 8 days. And I have no idea how to stop it."
—Five to Viktor[src]

Feeling unwelcome at the Academy, Viktor leaves. Pogo tells him that the Academy will always be his home and that he is always welcome there. He also makes a point of telling him that Sir Reginald loved Viktor in his own way.[3]

Viktor getting ready to converse with Number Five.

When Viktor arrives home, he finds Number Five waiting for him. Because he is ordinary, Five believes that Viktor is the only one he can trust with the truth. He tells him that after he arrived in the future, he discovered that the human race had been destroyed in an apocalypse. Five has no idea what caused it, only that it occurs in eight days time.[3] Number Five tells Viktor how he survived in the future.

Viktor learns of the apocalypse.

Viktor is understandably overwhelmed by Five's story and wonders if their father's warning that time travel can mess with the mind is the reason. Five brushes that off, believing Viktor is too young to understand or comprehend what he is trying to say. Viktor apologizes, telling him that he doesn't want to lose him again so soon after his return. He offers him the couch for the night and promises that they will talk again in the morning.[8]

Meeting Leonard Peabody

"I'm Leonard. I'm your four'o clock."
"Oh my. I forgot..I am so sorry.
—Leonard and Viktor[src]

Viktor sees Allison in distress.

When Viktor wakes, he finds the Five has left in the night. He goes in search of him and finds him in his old room at the Academy. Viktor apologizes for being dismissive, but Five assures him it is alright and may be time travel is affecting his mind. Viktor offers to refer him to a therapist but Five tells him that he is going to try and get a good night's sleep instead. On his way out of the Academy, Viktor runs into an upset Allison who had recently had a heated conversation with her ex-husband, Patrick. Viktor tries to comfort his sister but his efforts fail when he infers that Allison is better off at the Academy, and not with her daughter. Allison gets angry with Viktor and tells him that he cannot blame all his problems on their father now he is an adult.

Viktor is snapped at by Allison.

[8] Viktor returns to his apartment and his new student shows up, a man named Leonard Peabody. His normal students are children so he is surprised that he wants violin lessons. Viktor and Leonard begin to bond and they have an obvious interest in each other but Viktor is reluctant to pursue it quickly.

Viktor meets his new student.


Discussing Grace

"Mom was, well, designed to be a caretaker..but also a protector"
—Viktor to his family[src]

Viktor arrives late.

Running late, Viktor arrives at rehearsals after the practice has begun. Although he tries to take his seat and set up without disturbing anyone, his attempts fail and the orchestra is forced to stop until he is ready. Viktor apologizes for being late, but the conductor comments that he didn't even notice.[7] Once the rehearsal is over, Viktor talks with the violin first chair, Helen Cho, complimenting her skills.

Viktor compliments Helen Cho.

When Viktor comments that he has been practicing work that Helen makes look so easy, Helen replies that sometimes skill is not enough. Helen questions whether or not Viktor is truly passionate about the violin.[7] Dejected, Viktor heads to Bricktown to visit Leonard's woodworking shop. The pair talk and continue to bond while Viktor admires his work. Leonard presents him with a wooden violinist figure that he made for him. Outside, Viktor accepts Leonard's invitation to dinner.

Viktor and Leonard talk about their personal lives.

Viktor is surprised when Allison arrives, wanting him to come to the Academy since they need to have a family meeting about Grace. Leonard recognizes Allison since she is a famous actress and member of the Umbrella Academy, then asks if Viktor was involved. Viktor tells him no, then likens himself to the fifth member of the Beatles. He is pleased when Leonard reveals he was always more of a Rolling Stones fan. As Leonard leaves, Allison apologizes for the way she spoke to Viktor at their last meeting, telling him that she is not good at being a sister.[7]

Viktor watches the footage of his fathers death.

Viktor, Luther, Allison, Diego, and Klaus gather at the Academy to discuss Grace. Luther plays the security footage of Grace not helping Sir Reginald on the night he died, and further examination shows Grace taking Sir Reginald's monocle. The discussion turns to the possibility of shutting Grace down since Luther is concerned that she is malfunctioning – Grace's programming was meant to offer assistance in the event of an emergency. They take a vote on it. Luther and Allison want to shut Grace down. Diego is in opposition and tries to deny Viktor since he still believes he doesn't belong with the family. He changes his mind when Viktor agrees with keeping Grace online. Klaus is also in opposition, but the vote is not final since Five is not there and they postpone the decision.[7]

Viktor enters the house in the midst of an attack.

Shortly after, the Academy is invaded by Hazel and Cha Cha. Viktor stumbles into the chaos and is attacked by Hazel, suffering a head wound. Luther saves Viktor from Hazel. In the aftermath of the battle, Diego angrily berates Viktor since his lack of powers or skills is a liability that could have gotten him or any of them killed. Allison tries to calm the situation but the inference is clear – Viktor is not like them. Leaving the Academy, Viktor heads to Leonard's house where he takes him inside, concerned that he is bleeding from a head wound.[7]

Bond with Allison

"And listen...last night, what I said"
"No, no, don't...don't worry about it
—Allison and Viktor[src]

Viktor on Leonards couch.

The next morning, Viktor wakes on Leonard's couch, having fallen asleep. He has to attend rehearsal and is worried since he did not bring his medication refill meaning he would have to play without his pills. Leonard convinces Viktor that he can go one day without his medication and walks him to rehearsal even though it is not on his way at all. As they talk about their respective relationships with their families, they are passed by Helen Cho as they arrive at the Icarus Theatre. Viktor explains the entire concept of the "first chair" position in an orchestra and how she has not be unseated in five years.[9]

Viktor talking with Allison.

Allison finds Viktor after rehearsal. She apologizes for yesterday and gives Viktor his apartment keys. When Viktor asks why Allison has his keys, she tells him its a long story and takes Viktor for a drink. In the bar, Allison tells Viktor about finding Leonard in his apartment earlier in the day, finding it a little suspicious. Viktor is sure there is a reasonable explanation though. They continue to talk and bond as siblings.[9]

Viktor takes Allison to his apartment

Viktor takes Allison back to his apartment. Allison loves it, with Viktor comments that his apartment is probably smaller than one of Allison's rooms. Going into the bedroom, Viktor finds that Leonard left flowers for him. He calls Leonard to thank him and they arrange to have breakfast the following morning.[9]

Viktor declines Allison's offer.

The next morning, Allison arrives at Viktor's with breakfast. However, Viktor has to decline since he is meeting Leonard but is concerned that he has run out of medication. Allison admits that she has a bad feeling about Leonard, but Viktor does not think that Allison has the right to give him dating advice after not seeing him for twelve years. Viktor heads off to meet Leonard.[10]

Viktor telling Leonard about Allison.

At the coffee shop, Viktor talks with Leonard about Allison's attempts to be a sister, pointing out that they are all exactly the same age although sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Viktor tells Leonard that Helen has not been showing up to rehearsal lately, meaning that the first chair position is open. Viktor doesn't believe he has what it takes, but Leonard convinces him to audition.[10]

Viktor is confronted by Allison on the topic of Leonard.

Allison tries to convince Viktor about his concerns surrounding Leonard, telling him that he tried to find information on him but there was nearly no records on him. Viktor is angry that Allison is checking up on his relationship, and believes that Allison doesn't trust him. Telling Allison that she is not his mother, Viktor asks her to leave and worry about her own daughter.[10]

Discovering His Powers

Being Excluded

"And how could I presume to be worthy of their attention? Nothings ever big enough next to their holier-than-thou, weight of the world bullshit."
—Viktor to Leonard[src]

Viktor auditions for First Chair.

At the Icarus Theatre, Viktor auditions for the position of first chair. At first, his playing is ordinary and does not inspire the conductor and others present. As Viktor plays, energy ripples out from his violin and captures the attention of the conductor and his staff. Enraptured, they listen to Viktor's playing.[10]

Viktor tells Leonard about his audition.

Viktor arrives at Leonard's house and excitedly tells him that he got the position of first chair. Leonard is ecstatic and Viktor is surprised about how well he played without his medication. Leonard tells him that he should play without it. Viktor and Leonard kiss and make love.[10] Leonard convinces Viktor to invite his family to his first concert as first chair, telling him that they need to see how talented he is. Arriving at the Academy, Viktor finds Allison, Diego, and Klaus in a meeting.

Viktor finds that his family had a meeting without him.

When asked what's going on, Allison looks at Leonard and mentions that it is a family matter. Viktor explodes since they did not bother to include him. Allison tries to calm him by telling him that she will fill him in when they are alone. Viktor reminds them that he has been left out of things all his life. He thought it was because of their father, but now he knows it was not just him, but the rest of the family. Viktor storms out, but Leonard claims that he left his coat and heads back.[11]

Viktor causes the street lamps to bend.

Outside, Viktor rages about his family and how he thought they would be proud of him. As he angrily walks down the street, streetlights bend and cars are damaged. When Leonard points it out, telling him he caused it, he tells him that it is impossible. When the rain stops, Viktor claims it is a coincidence.[11]

Leonard tries to convince Viktor he has powers that have lain dormant. Viktor does not believe him and apologizes for being ordinary and disappointing him. Leonard tells him that nothing could be further from the truth.[11]

Viktor finds Reginald's journal in Leonard's home.

At Leonard's apartment, Viktor finds Sir Regianld's journal under his bed. Looking through it, he reads several entries about him confirming that Viktor does indeed have powers but that Sir Reginald covered them up and kept him controlled with medication because they were dangerous.[11]

The entire day is rewound as a result of Number Five altering the timeline by dropping into the family meeting at the Academy shortly after Viktor's argument with the family.[11]

As with the previous version of the day, Viktor rages about his family to Leonard and bends the street lights and damages the cars. Again, he brushes it off as a coincidence as he doesn't have powers.[12]

Leonard's Trick

"You know..we don't have to stay here. We can just get a shitty motel or something
"No. It's perfect for what we need to do."
"Which is what, exactly?"
"We need to find out what you're truly capable of
—Viktor and Leonard[src]

Viktor is brought to Leonard's Grandmother's cabin.

Leonard invites Viktor to his grandmothers' isolated cabin. While at the Academy, he had overheard Number Five talking about finding Harold Jenkins – his real name. Unknown to Viktor, Leonard is fully aware of his potential abilities, having found Sir Regiand's journal in a dumpster after it was thrown away by Klaus. He also had a grudge against the Academy, having been born on the same day but being in no way special.[12]

Viktor attempts to use his powers.

In the woods, Leonard tries to get Viktor to use his powers by trying to move a boat on the water. Viktor feels ridiculous even trying, and wonders how his siblings ever used theirs with a straight face. After Viktor makes no progress, they decided to go for dinner in the local town.[12]

Viktor uses his powers to save Leonard.

After finishing dinner, Viktor and Leonard walk out into the parking lot. They find Leonard's vehicle surrounded by three drunk men. Leonard tries to get them to move, but they refuse. As they try to leave, Leonard confronts the men and one smacks Viktor's butt. The men start to assault Leonard while holding Viktor back. As they kick Leonard while he is laying on the ground, Viktor feels his anger rise and his latent power triggers. A shock wave bursts from his body and sends the three men flying across the parking lot.[12]

Later, at the hospital, Viktor watches over Leonard as he recovers from the beating. He is badly wounded, including missing an eye.[12]

Viktor and Leonard prepare to leave the hospital.

At the hospital, Viktor is concerned when Leonard tells him that he is being discharged. Leonard lies and says they don't need him for observation, just to come back the following day to fit a prosthetic eye. A member of staff catches him before he leave and forces Leonard to sign voluntary discharge papers. As he does, Viktor inquires about the other three men from the parking lot. He learns that two are dead and the third is in critical condition.[5]

Training with Leonard

"You have a power, Vanya. You have a gift."
"It's like with the boat. If I try to do it I can't. And if I don't try, people die.
—Leonard and Viktor[src]

Viktor feels guilty for killing the men.

At the cabin, Leonard tries to convince Viktor that what happened the previous night was not his fault. Viktor knows otherwise, and is horrified that he killed the two men. Leonard points out that he was trying to defend him, and that his power is a gift. Viktor does not see it that way, seeing it as one more thing he could not do right. Leonard promises to help him try and control it.[5]

Viktor practices his power in the woods.

Leonard helps Viktor to figure out that his power is linked to his emotions, and he is able to focus on the sound around him and change it into energy. Viktor remembers focusing on the sound of a car engine the night before, and it was the trigger that allowed his powers to activate. Leonard secretly uses Sir Reginald's journal to guide him training, almost slipping up when he accurately describes how Viktor's powers work but managing to cover it by saying he was just putting it together. Viktor manages to repeat the feat on a less destructive scale than the previous night.[5]

Viktor tells Leonard his music is important.

Leonard tries to make Viktor understand that his accomplishments were extraordinary and that he has been special all along. Viktor mentions practicing, but he means his violin because his concert is the following day. Leonard is put out because he wants to continue his power training, believing it to be important. Viktor tells him that his music is important as well. Leonard reluctantly agrees and leaves him to practice.[5]

Viktor practices his violin, then goes looking for Leonard but he has left the cabin. Viktor begins to have a panic attack and only calms down by remembering Leonard's help controlling his powers earlier and playing his violin. As he plays, Viktor's power are focused by the violin and cause things to move throughout the cabin.[5]

Allisons Arrival

"Look at me and tell me you're not threatened now"
—Viktor to Allison[src]

Viktor realizes the truth.

Viktor continues playing, and is surprised when Allison arrives. Allison sees all the weird things happening and wonders what is causing it. Viktor admits that it is him, and he has apparently had powers all along. Allison tells him that is great, but has other things on her mind. Viktor wants to know what, and Allison tells him that Leonard Peabody is actually Harold Jenkins, a convicted murderer. Viktor cannot believe it, even when Allison told him about being in Leonard's house and finding the macabre shrine to the Umbrella Academy. Viktor starts to sob, not knowing how to deal with all the new information.[5]

Viktor holds Allison while she bleeds.

Allison suddenly remembers the incident from when they were four, and tells Viktor about using her power on him. Viktor is furious, accusing Allison of knowing about his powers all along and being responsible for keeping it a secret. Allison denies it, having not realized the significance of that day until Viktor's revelation about his powers. Viktor's rage grows, blaming Allison for everything that had happened in his life and accusing her of being threatened by Viktor. As Viktor's fury builds, threatening to tear the cabin apart, his skin begins to grow pale and grey. With no choice, Allison tries to stop him by using her power. Viktor instinctively slashes the air with his violin bow and the energy cuts Allison's throat.[5]

Viktor crying over an injured Allison.

Clutching her bleeding throat, Allison drops to the floor as Viktor suddenly realizes what he has done. Crying and sobbing, Viktor tells Allison that he is sorry and did not mean to hurt her. As Allison bleeds out on the cabin floor, Leonard arrives and pulls Viktor away, telling him that he did what he had to and they have to go.[5]

Becoming The Bomb

Assassination Of Leonard Peabody

"Your father was right. Not strong enough. He knew it. And now I know it. You're weak!"
"Stop it"
"You're pathetic"
"Please don't"
"Look at you, you're nothing"
—Leonard and Viktor[src]

Viktor finds Reginalds journal.

At his home, Leonard tries to convince Viktor that they have to leave because his family will come after them for killing Allison. Still in shock, Viktor hopes that if he explains that he lost control they will forgive him. Leonard convinces him that he is the only one on his side and that he is special.[4]

Viktor kills Leonard.

As they get ready, Viktor knocks Leonard's bag off the side and finds Sir Reginald's journal inside. He begins to realize that Leonard has been manipulating him from the start and has known about his powers. Viktor begins to realize that Allison was right about Leonard all along. Leonard tries to convince him that his family does not care about him at all but Viktor realizes that he loves them. Leonard turns on him, calling him weak and pathetic and thumping Sir Reginald's journal. Emotionally shattered, Viktor's powers flare and he coldly kills Leonard by levitating him and sending multiple sharp objects flying into his chest.[4]

Viktor crying over Allisons message.

Going back to his apartment, Viktor listens to his telephone messages. The last one is from Allison, apologizing for the way they left things at the Academy and telling Viktor that she loves him. Viktor breaks down crying as he listens to his sister's message.[4]


"I'm sorry, but she's staying put. Just until we know what we're dealing with. She stays put."
—Luther to Allison[src]

Viktor is met by Luther.

Viktor decides to go the Umbrella Academy. He meets Luther in the atrium, who now knows all about Viktor's powers from Allison and Pogo. Viktor asks about Allison and is relieved to learn that she is alive. Breaking down, he tells Luther that he never meant to hurt Allison. Luther knows that he didn't and takes him in a hug. However, Luther now knows how dangerous he is and uses his strength to choke him into unconsciousness.[4]

Viktor locked away by his brother.

Waking up in the secret soundproof chamber below the Academy, he panics and begs to be let out while Luther tells Diego and Klaus about his powers. They want to help him, but Luther refuses to open the door. Viktor watches Allison arrive and tries to tell her he is sorry. Even Allison wants to let Viktor go, telling Luther that it was her fault. Despite their objections, Luther refuses to let Viktor go until they know what they are dealing with.[4] Left alone in the chamber, Viktor's reflection changes to his thirteen year old self and encourages him to embrace everything that the others are afraid he is. When accused of killing Leonard, Viktor dismisses it, recalling that he had lied to them. Young Viktor convinces his older self that his family are going to keep him locked up forever and that his siblings are no better than their father.

Viktor absorbs the sound of his own heartbeat.

In the sound proof room, Viktor focuses on his own heartbeat and harnesses it to create the energy he needs to break out of his cell. Viktor's powers turn his eyes white and goes into a sort of trance, becoming a cold, ruthless, and unstable version of himself. [4]

The Apocalypse

"The apocalypse will always happen. And Vanya will always be the cause."
—Number Five[src]

Viktor prepares to face his siblings

The newly unleashed Viktor moves through the Academy. As he reaches rooms, he remembers incidents from his childhood that took place in them; catching Luther and Allison in a private moment, being told that he can't go on missions without a power, being left out of a family photograph. The memories cause Viktor to destroy each one in turn. Pogo confronts Viktor in order to give his siblings time to escape. He tells him that his brothers and sister are not to blame for what happened to him. Viktor's power subsides and he asks Pogo if he knew about his powers. When he admits he did, Viktor's powers reactivate and he kills Pogo by impaling him on mounted set of antlers. Viktor completes his destruction of the Academy.[6]

Viktor leaves for his concert

Viktor goes home and gets ready for his concert, then travels to the Icarus Theatre. The concert begins and Viktor plays beautifully. Unknown to Viktor, his siblings have come to stop him as they have realized that he is the cause of the apocalypse. As Viktor plays, he see Allison in the crowd. They see each other and smile. Allison wants to try talking to Viktor, but Luther and Diego use it as a distraction and charge Viktor. With a sweep of his violin bow, he unleashes a wave of energy that knocks them flying. The crowd flees and the orchestra try to do the same. Viktor uses his powers to keep them playing.[6]

Viktor plays at his concert.

Allison recognizes that Viktor's violin is his lightning rod, and they might have a chance if they get it away from him. Armed gunmen burst into the Theatre and try to kill the Umbrella Academy and stop them from preventing the apocalypse. The orchestra flees but Viktor keeps playing. The Academy fights back, with Klaus able to manifest Ben's spirit into the real world to deal with the gunmen. As Viktor continues to play, Luther, Diego, Klaus and Five decide that if they rush him one of them might get through to stop him.

Viktor drains the life from his brothers.

Their plan fails when Viktor uses his power to suspend them all in the air, connected to him by energy tendrils and draining the life from them.[6] Behind Viktor, Allison aims a gun at his head. Instead of shooting him, Allison places the gun next to his ear and fires, disrupting his power. Viktor releases his brothers, and a lance of energy burst from his body and streaks through the roof of the Theatre, striking the moon. The moon begins to break apart.

Viktors beam of energy blows up the moon.

[6] The apocalypse has not been averted. Five has a plan to use his time travel powers to transport them all away before the end so they can try and fix it. All of the Academy agree – even Ben, now that his siblings know he is around – and Viktor's unconscious body is gathered up by Luther. He questions the wisdom of bringing him, but Five tells him that Viktor will always be the cause of the apocalypse unless they fix him. Five succeeds in transporting them all away before the apocalypse can kill them.

The Umbrella Academy travels back in time.


New Timeline

Meeting Sissy

"Son of a biscuit."
—Sissy after running over Viktor[src]

Viktor gets run over.

Five's ability to time travel is not perfect, however, and Viktor finds himself in Dallas, Texas during 1963. Shortly after arriving, he is hit by a car by Sissy Cooper, who takes him into her home and allows him to live with her family whilst he is suffering amnesia from the accident. Viktor spends numerous months on the ranch trying to figure out who he is and where he came from, and Sissy's husband, Carl Cooper, puts numerous advertisements in the newspaper to try and get answers for Viktor; they are unsuccessful, however, and nobody comes looking for Viktor.

Living on the Ranch

"Still no memories"
"Well then, we just need to get busy making you some new ones!
—Viktor and Sissy[src]

Viktor listens to Carl.

A couple months after his arrival, Viktor interacts with Harlan, the son of Sissy and Carl. Sissy is delighted that Harlan and Viktor are bonding. She asks Viktor how he's feeling. Viktor says whilst his headaches have been getting better, he still has no memories of his past. Sissy remarks that they need to make him some new ones. Carl comes in and rants to Viktor about his booming business. He pronounces that he's put up advertisements everywhere, but has no takers for Viktor. Viktor says that maybe nobody wants him, and Sissy replies that she highly doubts that and if Viktor left they would miss him already. Carl leaves for "work," giving Viktor and Sissy some alone time.

Viktor finds Sissy smoking.

Viktor gets up in the middle of night to see Sissy smoking in the kitchen. They take some time alone to hang by the barn. Sissy comments that if her mother saw her, she would die all over again. Viktor replies that he never knew Sissy was so rebellious. Sissy pronounces that men have sides, but women have secrets. Sissy then rants to Viktor about her "Escape Plan."

Sissy and Viktor bond some more.

She tells Viktor that she's been hiding the money she's earned in a jar under the sink, and when she has enough, she's taking him and Harlan away. Sissy tells Viktor that Carl is a good man, but good men still leave, and then it's every women for herself. Sissy tells Viktor that Carl means well, but she had silly dreams back then. They stay up staring at the stars.

Meeting Luther

"You know who I am?
—Luther and Viktor[src]

Viktor gets Carl.

The next morning Viktor sees Sissy rushing around the house looking for her keys. Sissy informs Viktor that Carl called her, drunk as a skunk, asking her to pick him up. Viktor assures Sissy that she doesn't need to worry, and he'll pick up Carl himself. Sissy thanks Viktor and remarks that she wish she'd ran him over years ago. Viktor picks up Carl at the same bar where Luther works. As Viktor and Carl drive away, Luther notices Viktor and decides to follow him.

Viktor sees Luther.

Viktor plays hide and seek with Harlan in the barn. He is about to find Harlan when Luther comes into the barn, ready to shoot. He calls out Viktor's name, and Viktor is elated to see that someone knows him. Luther tells Viktor to stay back. He then adds that it's not funny of Viktor to fake amnesia. Viktor persuades him that he's not faking it. He replies that if he hurt him, he's sorry, but soon realizes that he was the one who hurt him. Luther tells Viktor he felt as if he was in charge, and that he never wanted to be the bad guy. They are interrupted by Sissy, aiming a rifle at Luther. She threatens that if Luther doesn't leave instantly, she'll shoot him. Luther glances back at Viktor once more and leaves the barn.

Viktor receives a palm-reading.

Later that night, Sissy checks on Viktor, and insists that he should avoid Luther from now on. Viktor replies that he really wishes he could remember something. Sissy comforts him and tells him that he need not rush. Sissy offers to read Viktor's palms and Viktor obliges. Sissy strokes the creases on Viktor's hands and notices the callouses on his fingertips, wondering where they're from. Viktor and Sissy connect for a moment, but soon wish each other good night.

Learning The Truth

"What do you mean, the apocalypse?"
"I mean the end of the world as we know it.
—Viktor and Five[src]

Viktor is confused by the Swedes

On the highway, Viktor listens to the radio whilst driving late at night, but is forced to pull over when he finds the Swedes standing in the middle of the road. One of the Swedes waves at Viktor, feigning happiness. The Swedes begin to approach Viktor in a menacing manner, and Viktor is forced to duck once they fire their weapons and commence firing bullets. Viktor is forced to put the car on the rear setting and drive back, but ultimately, this does nothing. With thrust, he launches the car forward but inadvertently collides with a corn field, resulting in the in balance of the car.

Viktor's car loses its equilibrium.

Viktor exits the car and heads towards the corn field, in hopes that the extension, darkness, and height of the corn will lengthen the distance between him and the Swedes. The Swedes follow him into the corn field and he attempts to hide from them by ducking. One of the Swedes wanders through the field and eventually sees Viktor. Taking a chance, they attempt to eradicate him, but none of their bullets hit him as he runs the other way. Viktor unwittingly runs into Otto and Axil, who also attempt to shoot him. He is eventually surrounded by all of them, and they continue to shoot as they close in on him.

Viktor is trapped by the Swedes.

Fearing for his life, Viktor is able to let out a large sound blast that throws the Swedes back long enough for him to escape. The next morning Viktor sees a figure making its way through the corn field, and is ultimately surprised to see the figure is none other than his brother, Five. Five suggests that they head out. Viktor is bewildered, but follows him nonetheless. Both of them stop at a coffee shop where Five takes a go at explaining Viktor's past life. He divulges about Viktor's childhood, and his life in the Umbrella Academy. He mentions the Apocalypse. Viktor is dismayed by this, and asks him what causes it.

Viktor witnesses the aftermath of his powers.

Five wishes to tell him the truth, but is aware that it may bring harm to him and understands the toll he's been through, so he instead says it was the moon. Viktor contemplates on this new-found story. He calls Sissy, who attempted to provoke Harlan. Viktor offered compensation for not returning the car, but Sissy replied that she didn't care about the car. Viktor explains that he met his younger brother, and will return soon. Sissy and Viktor emotionally bond on the phone but the call is cut off by Five. Viktor, infuriated at Five, scolds him about what he did, divulging that Sissy is his friend and it was rude of him to interfere with his personal life. Five dusts that away.

Viktor informs Sissy of the most recent events

He remarks that there are more important matters at the moment, and that if they don't band together the Swedes will continue to come after them.

Crisis At The Farm

"The point is I can't stay here"
"No, I can't risk anything happening to you or Harlan
—Viktor and Sissy[src]

Viktor learns that he was the one brought on the Apocalypse.

Viktor and Five manage to find Luther and witness his boxing match first-hand. Luther, meanwhile, allows himself to be beaten by his opponent citing that he wants to feel the pain, much to Five, Viktor and Jack's surprise as he loses the fight. Viktor and Five visit the hostel where Luther is staying and, whilst Five waits with the car, Viktor goes to his room to talk with him. He asks him about the apocalypse, and it is here he learns that he caused the apocalypse indirectly. They're interrupted before they can finish their conversation, however, by Jack who enters and demands to know why Luther threw the fight; the two are unable to reconcile their differences, however, Jack tells Luther that they are done with one another. Luther asks Viktor to leave him alone and enforces that he cannot help him. Viktor is angry at Five for lying to him about the apocalypse and tells him that he is returning to the farm and cannot help him either, given he is keeping secrets from him. Viktor drives away leaving Five alone as he receives a smirk from Luther who witnessed the whole situation.

Viktor is enraged at Five for keeping the truth from him.

Viktor explains everything going on to Sissy, including the details about the Swedes coming after him, and how he fears that he is putting Harlan and her in danger by staying with them. Sissy tells him that they will go away for a little while and she will protect him, but Viktor is unwilling to take the risk. The two notice that Harlan slips out of the house and run after him, but are forced to split up when neither one of them is sure of which way he went. Viktor eventually comes across a lake and, believing that he could be at the bottom, uses his ability to part the water.

Viktor parts the water.

He finds Harlan at the bottom and attempts to give him CPR but he is unresponsive. As he is trying to resuscitate Harlan, Viktor uses his powers to transfer particles of energy into his body. Moments later, he is able to cough the water up and wakes up just as Sissy arrives and the two embrace.

Later that night, Viktor pours Sissy a drink and the two talk about Harlan. Sissy tells Viktor about how she feels small and invisible as Carl no longer sees her and Harlan is reluctant to communicate with her. Viktor expresses that he should leave, but is caught off guard when Sissy kisses him; the two of them begin to make out. They are unaware of Carl watching them from afar.

Finding his family

Viktor is unaware that he has an extensive family somewhere, and is unaware of the part he plays in the family. Luther is the first to approach Viktor, but when he finds out that he is unable to recall anything, he leaves, citing that he was returning a wallet left at the bar by Carl, however it is clear that Viktor realizes there is much more to the story.[13]

Five is the next to find Viktor, and explains his history, but alludes to tell him that he triggered the apocalypse in 2019 that ended the world. This revalation drives a wedge between Five and Viktor, who believes that everything Five has told him has been a lie. When Viktor meets the rest of the Umbrella Academy, he finally realizes that he is a part of something bigger, and is forced to help Five on his attempts to avert the second apocalypse and return them to their rightful place within the timeline.

Still without his memories, however, and believed to be a Russian spy, Viktor nearly triggers a second apocalypse whilst being interrogated by the FBI — Diego realizes that Viktor is, and always will be, the bomb that triggers the apocalypse. Ben is able to save Viktor, however, and the Umbrella Academy prepare to face off against the Commission and to save Harlan.

Battling the Commission

After being saved, Viktor receives visions of Harlan struggling in pain whilst screaming out his name, and he realizes that he must save him before returning to 2019. He and the rest of the Umbrella Academy return to Sissy's farm, where Viktor finds Harlan experiencing strange, but familiar, outbursts of power; outbursts that have come as a result of Viktor transferring his energy to Harlan.

Viktor tries to save Harlan, but is caught off guard by an attack by the Temps Commission. He is forced to use his abilities to save his family and kills hundreds of Temps Commission agents in one blast. He returns to Harlan where he takes back the energy he had previously given him, allowing him to return back to a normal life.[14]


Viktor is a kind and bright man who suffers from deeply rooted trauma. During his childhood, he was neglected by his family and Pogo due to being "normal." Even when Viktor tried to fit in, he was ousted by Diego, or maybe another family member. He was very vulnerable and naive at that time. When he started dating Leonard, he thought of himself as special, as he always gave Viktor special treatment and showered him with compliments. Despite Viktor’s family’s warnings, he refuses to believe that Leonard was using him due to Viktor’s desire to have someone who cared for him. Viktor still saw himself as an outcast, which gave him even more trauma. He has an attachment to his violin, which was a gift given to him by Mom. Playing his violin detaches him from the harsh reality, and puts him in a setting where he feels loved and at peace with himself. He cared very much for his music, as when Leonard said he should practice his powers and that it's important, he replied that his music is important as well. When Viktor was locked up, his true power was unlocked. He saw his young selves in the reflection, and all the abuse, abandonment, and trauma was reversed back to him, causing him to snap and lose control. In his true powerful state, Viktor is seen as stoic and unemotional. But this is not fully true, as when Allison saw him performing, Viktor gave her a smile. All Viktor really wanted to do was perform as first chair. When his brothers came in and ruined his opportunity, this caused him to attack them. In Season 2, Viktor lost all the memories he had of his family and life in the original timeline. He found a life with Sissy, and Harlan, and was very happy. Viktor's trauma was healed, and he felt safe and loved living with his new family. When he met Five, he felt as if his life had shattered. He was very aggravated with Five when Five lied to him about the original timeline, and took time to process that it was Viktor himself who caused the Apocalypse. But soon, he found his way back to his family and accepted that this is who he is. He found comfort with his siblings Allison and Klaus. Soon he regained his memory and took control over his own powers.


Viktor is a beautiful 31 year old man with long brown hair (cut short in Season 3) and brown eyes. He has a thin build and a square facial structure, with a wide forehead, sharp jawline, and thin lips. In the first season, he is often seen with his hair tied back, and had bangs as a child. He often wears outfits that match his tomboyish personality, such as oversized or plaid shirts, jackets, trousers and jeans. For formal attire, he will dress in a white or black tuxedo.

Powers and Abilities



Vanya Hargreeves White Violin Powers

  • Sound Manipulation: Viktor can manipulate sound to his desire, converting it into energy and physical force that he can utilize in various ways. His abilities were heavily linked to his emotional state and often acted aggressively in response to Viktor's fear or anger. When his abilities became fully unleashed, Viktor was able to activate them with conscious effort.
    • Sound Absorption: Viktor's abilities are reliant on him being in contact with sound, causing him to resonate with sound and energy similarly to a tuning fork. When absorbing enough sound and harnessing his energy to its fullest, his skin becomes pale and gray and his irises turn white, as his body will begin to generate blue and white light. Additionally, Viktor's demeanor would sometimes change into a cold, impassive state, ruthlessly harming or even killing those that have caused Viktor significant anger, irritation, stress. While in this trance of tranquil fury, Viktor was shown to hallucinate younger versions of himself, which encouraged him to take his anger and vengeance out on those that wronged him. Due to this mental instability, he was shown still be unpredictable in his behavior, as he looked out and smiled at Allison when he saw her at his concert, as part of him still recognized Allison as a sister and friend despite him having nearly killed Allison instinctually when the latter had revealed her role in the suppression of his power and had tried to incapacitate him them again. Even after his mind wipe, Viktor is still capable of entering this dispassionate state, but has far more control over himself, likely influenced by his positive experiences with Sissy and Harlan Cooper. However, this control was not enough when he was again pushed to his breaking point turning FBI electroshock interrogation in an alternate 1963, in which he accidentally caused a shockwave that destroyed the floor he was on and proceeded to hover out into the city. This event was prevented by the ghost of Ben, who managed to help him escape before he reached that point.
      • Sound Conversion: Viktor can absorb sound and convert it into various forms of energy, essentially converting sound waves he absorb into any other form of existing energy.
      • Sound Capacitor: Viktor can absorb sound and store it for later use. He can use it however they see fit, channeling it for any purpose he can formulate.
      • Sound Projection: Viktor is able to generate and control sound waves and vibrations to devastating effects, such as knocking people backwards or even destroying buildings. When he first began to experience his power in his adulthood, he would radiate sounds waves in the form of transparent ripples of force. When he became upset during a confrontation in a parking lot, he unleashed a multi-directional shockwave that sent three fully grown men flying across a parking lot, leaving two dead and one critically injured. His sound waves caused the Umbrella Academy mansion to experience a powerful tremor that caused the building to collapse, as well as generate a blast of force that sent a car flying rapidly across several city blocks.
        • Force-Field Generation: Viktor's sound-based energy can be shaped into protective barriers capable of absorbing intense amounts of force. During an alternate 1963, Viktor was able to shield himself from a Soviet tank round by projecting a barrier that was strong enough for the round to explode against harmlessly.[1] He was additionally capable of causing a bullet to shatter harmlessly against a transparent barrier when he instinctively generated his energy due to one of the Swedes shooting at him at point blank range, which then burst out into a shockwave that repelled the assassin.
        • Matter Manipulation: During his concert and subsequent battle with his siblings, the energy Viktor generated also somehow altered the color of his clothing and his violin, turning them both white. He did the same to his civilian wear in an alternate 1963 after accidentally destroying the floor of a building he was being interrogated in by the FBI.
          • Shapeshifting: Through this power he can make his eyes glow white and lighten his skin.
        • Concussive Force: Viktor can deliver an impact of concussive force, whether directly or remotely, which can knock the target back and cause internal and external damage.
  • Energy Manipulation: Viktor can manipulate energy to his desire, converting it into sound and physical force that he can utilize in various ways. His abilities were heavily linked to his emotional state and often acted aggressively in response to Viktor's fear or anger. When his abilities became fully unleashed, Viktor was able to activate them with conscious effort.
    • Energy Absorption: Viktor can absorb various forms of energy, while removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage.
      • Energy Conversion: Viktor can absorb energy and convert it into various forms of sound, essentially converting energy he absorb into any other form of existing sound waves.
      • Energy Drain: Viktor can drain energy from individuals or objects. He can drain physical energy from a target or group, making the affected physically weaker or causing them extreme fatigue. In Season One, he used this power to drain his brothers of their energy using beams of sound.
      • Energy Projection: Viktor can convert it into a bright white energy capable of applying destructive amounts of force, with its lowest intensity being enough to cut through flesh. This energy not only can manifest from Viktor's body, sometimes causing bright light to emanate from his chest, but can be channeled through his violin and bow, as well as through gestures. While battling his siblings in the Icarus Theater, he generated multiple tendrils of energy from his chest to suspend four of his siblings in the air, slowing draining them of life and nearly reducing them to desiccated corpses until his sister Allison fired a gun next to his ear, incapacitating him and returning them to normal. With enough absorbed sound, he generated a powerful beam of light and directed it to the sky where it hit the moon, causing pieces of it to break apart causing the end of the world.[6]
  • Telekinesis: Through manipulating sound waves, Viktor can move and control objects, as well as generate force, with his mind. Offensively, he is able to immobilize, restrain, constrict and repel others with his energy. As a child, an irritated Viktor would cause several nannies to be sent flying across the room or, out of a window or down a staircase. When confronting Leonard, he projected and manipulated the sound waves around him, levitating him above the ground, holding him in a crushing grip and proceeding to telekinetically move various objects in the kitchen to impale him. As Pogo confirmed that he knew of his power and allowed his memory of it being erased, he proceeded to raise him into the air and hurl him across the Umbrella Academy living room and into the antlers of a mounted deer head. After his mind wipe due to time traveling back to 1963, he managed to empty an entire pond by causing the water to rise into the air, to the point where he managed to keep it suspended there while not actively focused on it, giving him more than enough time to carry Harlan from the pond and onto dry land before the water fell back down. When angered by an FBI interrogator in 1963, his powers activated and began to nearly choke him.
    • Sono-Telekinesis: Viktor can move, manipulate and otherwise interact with matter using sound.
      • Flight: Viktor is able to lift and propel himself through the air using force he creates out of sound. In an alternate 1963, a levitating Viktor stopped a round fired by a Soviet tank by blasting it with his energy.[1] In an alternate 1963, after escaping from the FBI by blowing out a large portion of the floor he was on, he proceeded to rise into the air.[15]
      • Sound Attacks: Viktor is able to release and use sound to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities.
        • Sound Beam Emission: Viktor can emit beams of sound that are capable of destroying anything within his path with a concussive force. He used this power when he released an extremely powerful beam of sound from his chest, which hit and destroyed the Moon, causing the first apocalypse.
        • Sound Blast: Viktor can release sound waves/sonic energy over a specific target area causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.
    • Ergo-Telekinesis: Viktor can move, manipulate and otherwise interact with matter using energy.
      • Energy Attacks: Viktor is able to release and use energy to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities.
        • Energy Blast: Viktor can release energy over a target area of his choosing causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.
  • Enhanced Hearing: While training in the forest, Viktor was able to hear things which would usually be impossible for the average human hearing through concentration. For example, he was able to hear the chimes from the cabin. Viktor is also able to focus on a specific sound and block out the others, no matter how loud they are. After training with Harlan, Viktor gained the ability to hear sounds that can not be heard through one's ears, he can hear people's life force.
  • Atmokinesis: Viktor is able to manipulate the weather to a certain extent and is able to make it rain when he is sad or angry. While leaving the Hargreeves estate after argument with his family, his anger caused thunder and rainfall that was isolated to the street he was on. He seems to be able to generate wind when radiating his sound-based energy.
  • Power Distribution: Viktor can share his powers with others, as he did accidentally with his surrogate son, Harlan Cooper.
    • Telepathic Link: Viktor has a mental connection to whoever he shares his powers with.
    • Power Removal: Viktor can remove the powers of whoever he shares his powers with.


  • Expert Violinist: Viktor spent much of his childhood practicing with a violin that had previously belonged to Sir Hargreeves' deceased wife and, as an adult, had begun a career as a violin teacher and performer in an orchestra. With enough confidence, he managed to more prominent role in the concert he was due to play in.


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Differences from Comics

  • Viktor's physical appearance, both as himself and as the White Violin, differs between the comics and the show:
    • In the comics, Vanya is tall with short black hair. When she becomes the White Violin, her entire body turns white and she gains violin markings on her skin. The transformation also appears to be permanent.
    • In the show, Viktor is shorter and has long brown hair, which is later cut short. When he becomes the White Violin, his body emits blue and white energy, the color appears to drain from his skin and any clothing he is wearing turns white.
  • Vanya develops amnesia in the Dallas arc after being shot in the head. In the show, Viktor's amnesia is caused by him getting hit by a car shortly after arriving in the past.
  • Vanya is a cisgender woman in the comics. Viktor is a transgender (female-to-male). This change was made after Elliot Page came out as transgender.


  • Viktor is similar to Jodie Holmes, another character portrayed by Elliot Page in the video game Beyond: Two Souls. Both have similar timid personalities and possess extraordinary powers, and are taken advantage of by a love interest (Leonard for Viktor, Ryan for Jodie).




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