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"Valhalla"[1] is the fifth episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy, and the fifteenth overall.


Summoned to an emergency meeting, the siblings hatch very different plans for how to spend their last six days on Earth. Lila confronts her mother.



A flashback to 1962 shows Pogo prior to the experiments Reginald performed on him. Pogo undergoes numerous ability tests whilst being timed as numerous scientists watch; Reginald is among the scientists who watch Pogo’s progress. Pogo is then sent into space as Reginald and the other scientists watch. Things go wrong in the spacecraft quickly, however, and Pogo’s rocket falls to Earth and is engulfed in flames. He is rushed to the hospital where Reginald injects him with a serum that brings him back to life, albeit changed.

Picking up from where they left of with the Majestic 12, Lila remarks that they should flee the gala as soon as possible. Five, however, is reluctant to go anywhere with Lila and questions who she is; he finds it odd that she is able to fight and always asks too many questions, but Lila tells Five that she is on their side. Nevertheless, Five tells Lila to stay out of her way or else he will kill her, much to her surprise. Diego turns on Lila moments later too, citing that he knows she is lying about something.

Klaus meanwhile has fallen back into old habits and started drinking again much to Ben’s dismay. Allison tells Klaus that she won’t be an enabler when he asks her to drink with him, but after he remarks that her marriage is falling apart, she jokes that she has much better alcohol that they can drink and that they should do it right if they’re going to day-drink.

Vanya and Sissy lie in bed together and Vanya asks Sissy if she would like to talk about what is going on; Sissy remarks that she doesn’t, and suggests that they get away from everything. The encounter between the two is cut short, however, when Carl arrives home earlier than expected.

Number Five talks with Diego and Luther about Reginald and how they’ll try to get close with him given how difficult it has been lately. Luther reveals that when he first arrived in Dallas, he took a bus to the Umbrella Academy and tried to talk to Reginald about the Academy, but was mocked and turned away. The three of them decide that it is time to get the Academy back together again and avert the apocalypse.

Carl tells Sissy, Harlan and Vanya about the deal he closed at the company and becomes visibly excited about it. His excitement turns to lust, however, and his affection towards Sissy begins to annoy her and Vanya, who’s powers blip and she shatters the windows to the house. Harlan understands that Vanya caused this and tries to calm and comfort her.

Lila is furious with the Handler and questions her over the Swedes and their interference with her attempts to protect Five. Nonetheless, she hands over Diego’s knife which the Handler asked her to retrieve previously. The Handler reveals that the Temps Commission has no idea that they’re in Dallas, 1963, but doesn’t reveal anything further — she remarks that if Lila needed to know, she would’ve told her. Back at Elliott’s, the Umbrella Academy are finally reunited. Allison is wary of Vanya, but realizes she is harmless without her memory and the two embrace. Five asks if Ben is present, but Klaus remarks that he isn’t as ghosts can’t time-travel much to Ben’s dismay who witnesses the conversation.

Meanwhile, the Handler and Lila visit the house that the Swedes are hiding out in. Lila posts a transmission down the chimney and when the Swede’s open it, they find a photograph of Diego, their next target and a location.

Five explains to the Umbrella Academy that the world will end in six days unless they stop it and at the moment they only know one thing: their father is involved. They’re unsure, however, if Reginald is planning to kill JFK, or has some other involvement in it. Diego suggests that they kill Reginald, whereas Five tells everyone they should talk to him and find out what is going on before the apocalypse. Luther is reluctant, however, and remarks that they should all grow up before storming out of the building with Diego in chase. On the way, he knocks Five out of the way who travels out of the building to find Lila waiting for him.

Diego tries to convince Luther to stay, however Luther is concerned that he already caused the apocalypse once. The two talk, but are interrupted when a car approaches and the driver hands them a letter from Reginald inviting them to a dinner.

At Odessa’s, Vanya, Klaus, and Allison talk about the end of the world and what they should do about it. They finally decide that if the world is going to end, they should have no more secrets. Klaus decides to face his cult, Vanya to tell Sissy how she feels and Allison to reveal her powers to Ray. The three dance after copious amounts of alcohol and Vanya remarks that her family is awesome.

The Swedes track what they believe to be Diego on their mission from the Commission. They find themselves in a forest where Oscar quickly realizes they have been misled and are in fact tracking Diego’s knife. Unbeknownst to him, Oscar has stepped on a landmine and is blown to pieces in front of Axel and Otto.

Five follows Lila to an abandoned warehouse where the two fight as Five attempts to keep his promise that he would kill Lila if the two should ever cross paths again. The fight is even, but Five is able to eventually get the upper hand on Lila and, with his foot to her throat, remarks that she can come out now; the Handler is surprised to find that Five figured out she is still alive and connected to Lila.

Vanya arrives at the ranch to tell Sissy how she really feels, but finds that Sissy has slept with Carl again. She tells Sissy that the two of them can leave and be happy, but Sissy is reluctant to accept and tells her that she needs more time to figure things out. Vanya tells her they don’t have much time, but cannot explain further what she means. Vanya walks away with Sissy shouting after her.



Guest Starring

  • Kevin Rankin as Elliott
  • Kris Holden-Ried as Axel
  • Tom Sinclair as Oscar
  • John Kapelos as Jack Ruby
  • Jordan Claire Robbins as Grace



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  • “Major Tom (Coming Home)” - Peter Schilling
  • “He Can’t Love You” - Four Holidays
  • "Hey Da Da" - Andrea Litkei & Ervin Litkei
  • "Twistin’ the Night Away” - Sam Cooke
  • "Bad Guy” - The Interrupters
  • “Hello (Swedish Cover)” - My Kullsvik