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"The Swedish Job"[1] is the third episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy, and the thirteenth overall.


As the sit-in approaches, Allison reconnects with Klaus, the Swedes chase Vanya into a cornfield, and Luther makes a distressing discovery.



It’s 1960, Dallas, Klaus is thrown from a restaurant for not being able to pay his bill. On the sidewalk, he lands at the feet of a wealthy, older woman who promises to take him in. From here, Klaus finds his life changed for good as he amasses a following. Meanwhile, Ben finds himself fascinated by one of Klaus’ followers.

Back in the present, Lila tries to patch-up Diego's wound with a soldering iron, much to his surprise as he questions if she followed him. Five arrives moments later contemplating the situation with Pogo, who he refers to as an old family friend.

On the highway, Vanya listens to the radio whilst driving late at night, but is forced to pull over when she finds the Swedes standing in the middle of the road. Upon doing so, she realises the danger she is in and immediately tries to speed off. The Swedes begin firing at her which forces her to abandon her vehicle for a corn field slightly off from the highway. She tries to flee through the corn field but finds herself face to face with one of the Swedes who shoots at her. Fearing for her life, Vanya is able to let out a large sound blast that throws the Swedes back long enough for her to escape.

Elliott is immediately alerted to something on one of his radars and asks Five to check it out; Five reveals that he is tracking sound waves — particularly Vanya’s — and leaves momentarily to investigate. Travelling to the corn field, Five is happy to see Vanya, and tells her to come with him if she wants to live. He reveals that the Swedes are after her because she isn’t supposed to be present in 1963, much to her surprise.

Returning from his jog, Luther’s mind is visibly occupied by thoughts of Allison. Jack notices this and asks what is wrong with him, and if there is anything he can do. Luther questions if Jack can help track someone down for him, and when he reveals that he can, Luther hands him a napkin with Allison’s name on it.

Allison arrives at Klaus’ mansion but receives no answer when she rings the doorbell. She takes it upon herself to try around the back, where she finally reunites with Klaus for the first time in years. The two reminisce about times spent together, and Allison reveals that she is married now, but hasn’t used her powers since the night of the apocalypse.

The Handler visits a pet store downtown where she tells a young boy that fish do not like people tapping on the glass as it frightens them. The boy doesn’t listen, and she whispers something in his ear that causes him to urinate on himself and run from the store; the Handler watches with a grin on her face.

Meanwhile, the movement questions what is happening with Raymond, with numerous members telling Allison that they should cancel the sit-in. Allison refuses, however, citing that they must take advantage of the fact that JFK arrives within five days. Allison is unable to convince the movement, however, and they decide that they should vote on it. The vote is passed in favor of the sit in, much to Allison and Odessea’s delight.

In the police station, Ben uses his abilities to scare the desk clerk into freeing Raymond, and when he is free, Klaus reveals that they’re brother-in-laws and jokes about how family barbecue’s are about to get weird.

Vanya and Five drink coffee at a diner and Five explains details about Vanya’s past, including how she was bought by an eccentric billionaire when she was younger and lived with six other supernatural siblings. Vanya accepts the narrative, but questions what caused the apocalypse in 2019, and Five is forced to shield her from the truth and cite the asteroid as the cause. He further explains that the world will end in eight days, and this causes panic in Vanya, who finds the nearest phone to call Harlan and Sissy; Vanya promises to return as soon as possible.

Diego is ready to go find his father, but Lila insists that he stays put, and pokes his wound with a broom in an effort to tire him out. Diego tries to understand why Reginald attacked him, and remarks that he wouldn’t stand a chance man-to-man. Moments pass, and the two begin making out before engaging in sexual activities, much to Elliott’s dismay who is in the next room.

Jack returns a slip of paper to Luther with an address for Allison on it, stating that she is not too far away in South Dallas. Luther arrives at the address but is shocked when he is greeted by none other than Raymond Chestnut, Allison’s husband. Luther goes inside and introduces himself as Allison’s brother, questioning how long they’ve been together and married. Raymond cuts the conversation short when he receives a call alerting him that the sit-in is back on.

Downtown at a “white-only” diner, Allison approaches and sits at the bar, asking to be served. She receives disgusted glances from the customers and staff alike, who cite that she isn’t welcome there. The atmosphere becomes more tense when the rest of the movement enter and sit at the bar alongside Allison, citing that they’d like to be served too.

Klaus arrives at a downtown handyman store and Ben wonders what they’re doing there. Klaus himself seems a little confused until he turns around and sees Dave, his former lover, working at the store — Ben sees this and realises why they have come to Dallas. Klaus makes up that he is looking for paint, and when they leave the store, Ben tells him that it isn’t fair for him to confuse Dave like he has. Klaus reveals that Dave signed up to the military on the day JFK was assassinated, and that he can maybe convince him not to enlist and save his life. As he says this, he sees police cars headed towards the diner and realizes Allison's in trouble.

Tensions in the diner increase as police forces arrive to mediate the sit-in and quell the riot outside. Ray arrives, but Allison finds she is given the cold shoulder, but Ray will not explain why. Eventually, he tells her that he no longer knows who she is, given another one of her brothers arrived at their house; Allison realises this is Luther. Before they are able to talk more about the situation, however, the police begin using force against the sitters and Ray is taken outside and beaten. Allison has no option but to rumor the cop to walk away and, when Ray witnesses this, he becomes scared of Allison and runs away. Allison tries to pursue him, but is stopped by Klaus, who takes her to safety but away from her husband.

Luther, meanwhile, allows himself to be beaten by his opponent citing that he wants to feel the pain, much to Five, Vanya and Jack’s surprise as he loses the fight.

Lila sneaks out of Elliott’s store whilst Diego is sleeping and visits the pet shop previously visited by the Handler. In the fish tank, she takes out a hotel key and makes her way to the room. Inside, she asks an unknown figure if she can order room service. This figure is later revealed to be the Handler, whom she refers to as “Mum”.



Guest Starring

  • Kevin Rankin as Elliott
  • Kris Holden-Ried as Axel
  • John Kapelos as Jack Ruby
  • Stephen Bogaert as Carl Cooper
  • Raven Dauda as Odessa
  • Dewshane Williams as Miles
  • Dov Tiefenbach as Keechie
  • Mouna Traore as Protestor



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  • About an acre, or 34 thousand stalks, of corn was planted for the cornfield chase.[2]
  • According to Emmy Raver-Lampman, the sit-in scenes were shot in order.[3]



  • "I Gotta Get the World Off My Back" - Bill Martin & Phil Coulter
  • “Sunny” - Boney M.
  • “I Don’t Care What They Say About You” - Smokey
  • “Golden Brown” - The Stranglers


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