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"The Seven Stages"[1] is the eighth episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy.


A desperate Five concocts a risky plan to intercept another version of himself. The FBI tortures Vanya. Diego discovers what causes the apocalypse.



Vanya wakes up and learns that Sissy and Harlan have been released back to Carl. One of her interrogators questions how she knows her name but nothing else, and believes that she is Russian. He talks Russian to her and she is unexpectedly able to communicate and understand him too. The agent remarks that the government takes a communist threat seriously. She tries to use her powers on him, but is pulled away and subdued by the nurse.

Five isn't impressed that Vanya and Allison weren't there in time to get taken back to present day. Luther questions why they weren't present, and believes that they may be in trouble. Luther tells Klaus to check on Allison and the others, and that he will handle Five. Five believes their future is already sealed, and locks himself in a room away from the others.

At the Chestnut house, Raymond is worried about what will become of them when the news gets out. Allison remarks that technically they didn't kill anyone, but Ray believes them — and the movement — to be finished regardless. Klaus arrives moments later and questions what is going on, but quickly notices Otto dead on the sofa. Klaus questions how they will dispose of the body, whether it be via burning or burying.

The Handler is unhappy that Lila plans to put Diego on her team and the two argue. The Handler tells Diego about the confusing history between her and Five, but he tells her that this is the case with everyone. The Handler finally agrees to let Diego join Lila but tells her, "If he ruffles even one feather, you will kill him yourself."

Grace sneaks into Reginald's office at the Umbrella Manufacturing facility and is privy to numerous documents pertaining to the president, such as maps of where he will be standing. Reginald walks in on Grace reading these documents and questions her over it. She returns the questions and tells him that she wants to believe him but cannot given the evidence against him. When Reginald tells her that one day he will explain to her, she tells him that she cannot wait that long and walks away.

Five, meanwhile, has a plan. He realises that a past version of himself arrived in Dallas fifteen minutes prior on a mission from the Temps Commission to ensure that the president is assassinated. He tells Luther that he can intercept the briefcase which will allow them to get home, but there are numerous problems associated with being in close proximity with yourself in the same timeline. He brings Luther along to mediate the issues and ensure they get the briefcase.

Vanya wakes up in custody of the FBI again and finds herself connected to some kind of interrogation machine which delivers high shocks of electricity. She is given LSD via eye drops, which causes severe hallucinations. These hallucinations turn into flashbacks from her past including interactions between herself and Reginald during her time as "Number Seven".

Five finds himself, where he tells Luther that the best idea is to try and reason with the previous Five. Previous Five is introduced to the present day Five, where he informs his younger self about what happens in the future, and tries to bargain with him. The key to getting back to 2019 is the briefcase, but previous Five will not hand it over easily.

Lila brings Diego to his orientation into the Commission. He finds the introduction video boring, but his interest is peaked when he hears about the Infinite Switchboard Room, where the entire timeline is monitored for anomalies. Diego goes looking for the room.

Five tells his previous self that he will exchange the correct calculation for the time jump with him if he hands over the briefcase: it's a win-win situation and both parties are able to get back to where they belong. His previous self is reluctant to give an answer and leaves to use the bathroom, taking the briefcase with him. Five tells Luther that something isn't right.

In the Infinite Switchboard room, Diego tries to use the complex machinery, but is approached by Herb, the analyst at the Commission who took over the Handler's job when she was demoted. With his help, Diego learns what causes the apocalypse. They look at the footage and see that an explosion occurred. Looking at a different angle of they explosion they see what causes the apocalypse: Vanya. The FBI's torture techniques are going to cause her to explode the FBI building in Dallas just as President Kennedy drives past. Everyone thinks the Russians did it, causing America to fire its nuclear missiles, starting nuclear doomsday .

Luther approaches older Five in the bathroom and tells him that Leonard Peabody's eye is a waste of time. Luther reveals that Vanya is the one who ends the world, much to Five's surprise. Older Five suggests the two travel to 2019 and make up with Vanya, preventing her from destroying the world. Furthermore, due to paradox psychosis, previous Five suggests that Luther should put present Five out of his misery. Luther is confused as to which version of Five is suffering from this.

Diego arrives from the Commission with Herb, and tells the others about what causes the apocalypse. Allison is shocked, and they decide to go and try to stop Vanya from triggering the nuclear war. Raymond is confused by the whole situation but Allison tells him that they do not have time for him to have a breakdown. The two kiss before Allison leaves with Diego, Klaus and Ben to stop the second apocalypse they themselves have created.

The voltage of the machine Vanya is strapped to is turned up which allows her to see more of the flashbacks about her past. In the flashback, Reginald tells her that she deliberately chooses not to remember. The flashback continues, and Vanya begins to see more of the memories she has forgotten, causing her powers to kick in. The others desperately try to get to her before she can destroy the building and trigger doomsday. They struggle getting to Vanya due to her power increasing. At the same time , Harlan is acting the same as Vanya . This is because Vanya unintentionally gave Harlen some of her powers when trying to save him .



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  • The title of the episode is named after the seven stages of paradox psychosis that both versions of Five experience.


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