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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the organisation with the same name.

"The Majestic 12"[1] is the fourth episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy, and the fourteenth overall.


While Allison searches frantically for Ray, Vanya contends with a crisis at the farm, and Five, Diego and Lila crash a party at the Mexican Consulate.



A flashback to London, 1993 shows Lila Pitts’ family being murdered by the Temps Commission. The Handler admires their handy work, but notices a secret room hidden through the wall, inside she finds little Lila. The flashback moves forward and reveals that the Handler took Lila in and raised her as her own despite their differences, and Lila eventually came to work under the Handler at the Commission.

In Dallas, the two eat together and the Handler tells Lila that her new mission is to “protect Number Five at all costs”. This confuses Lila, who tells her that Five deserves to die after everything he has done to her; nonetheless, she cites that he is worth more to her alive than dead. Lila understands, and cites that she ran into some trouble at the institution, and the Handler immediately recognises this as the Swedes. She unconvincingly tells Lila that she sent the Swedes and that they know not to harm her, but neither of the two seem convinced by this notion.

Vanya and Five visit the hostel where Luther is staying and, whilst Five waits with the car, Vanya goes to his room to talk with him. She asks him about the apocalypse, and it is here she learns that she caused the apocalypse indirectly. They’re interrupted before they can finish their conversation, however, by Jack who enters and demands to know why Luther threw the fight; the two are unable to reconcile their differences, however, and Jack tells Luther that they are done with one another. Luther asks Vanya to leave him alone and enforces that he cannot help her.

Vanya is angry at Five for lying to her about the apocalypse and tells him that she is returning to the farm and cannot help him either, given he is keeping secrets from her. Vanya drives away leaving Five alone as he receives a smirk from Luther who witnessed the whole situation.

Diego, Lila, Five and Elliott plan how they’ll confront Reginald again before the assassination: luckily, Five knows where he will be shortly, and shows Diego an invitation he found at the Umbrella Manufacturing Plant. Elliott instantly recognizes one of the attendees as one of “the Majestic 12”, a secret shadow government organisation that they believe Reginald to be a member of.

Vanya returns to the farm and embraces with Sissy, who is ecstatic to see her. Vanya promises to tell Sissy everything about her adventure over breakfast.

Meanwhile, Klaus approaches Dave at the diner and reveals that the two know each other, and that he shouldn’t enlist in the military, despite his prior family involvement. The conversation is cut short, however, when Brian, Dave’s relative approaches and tells Klaus to leave. Brian begins throwing homophobic slurs at Klaus and forces Dave to punch him in the face, which shocks Klaus who leaves moments later as Ben watches in a state of shock.

Allison arrives at Odessa's to find they are holding a meeting without her. When she enters, she is met by harsh stares from Miles and the others inside, and Ray asks if they can talk outside. Ray explains that he believes she is working for Dallas PD, or the FBI to infiltrate his movement and spy on him, and when Allison is unable to offer any other explanation, he leaves in anger, leaving her alone on the sidewalk.

Feeling down from his encounter with Dave, Klaus turns to the only thing he knows: alcohol. Despite being clean for three years, Klaus is unwilling to listen to Ben who begs him to think of himself. Arriving home with his liquor, Klaus is surprised to find numerous of his supporters waiting for him; he runs away with them chasing him and is forced to throw away the liquor.

Diego, Lila, and Five arrive at the gala and sneak their way to the entrance. Five accosts Lila and tells her that he doesn’t believe that she is on their side despite how brainwashed Diego has been towards her; she assures him that she is on their side, however, but he is reluctant to accept.

Reeling from Jack’s treatment, Luther sits and eats an outside fast food diner when he is recognised by Allison walking past. The two embrace and talk about the lives they’ve built for themselves. Allison tells Luther that she didn’t give up on them, and assumed Five would return sometime. Luther tells Allison that all members of the Umbrella Academy are present, and when she jokes that it’s when things usually go sideways, Luther is forced to explain that they caused another apocalypse seven days from now, much to her surprise.

As the gala heads off to a start, Five tells Lila and Diego that they should split up, with him taking the upstairs and Lila and Diego keeping an eye out downstairs; Lila tries to follow Five on the Handler’s orders, but is pulled back by Diego. Diego questions where she went the previous night, and she makes up a story about going to the pharmacy. The two dance but Diego is quickly distracted when he notices a woman with stark resemblance to his mother, Grace. He approaches the woman and after a brief conversation, it is revealed that Reginald is her date, but is in a meeting. Diego enjoys the conversation and tells Grace that it was nice meeting her.

Vanya explains everything going on to Sissy, including the details about the Swedes coming after her, and how she fears that she is putting Harlan and her in danger by staying with them. Sissy tells her that they will go away for a little while and she will protect her, but Vanya is unwilling to take the risk. The two notice that Harlan slips out of the house and run after him, but are forced to split up when neither one of them is sure of which way he went. Vanya eventually comes across a lake and, believing that he could be at the bottom, uses her ability to part the water. She finds Harlan at the bottom and attempts to give him CPR but he is unresponsive. As she is trying to resuscitate him, she uses her powers transfer particles of energy into his body. Moments later, he is able to cough the water up and wakes up just as Sissy arrives and the two embrace.

Luther returns to his apartment to find he has been thrown out by the landlord, Phil. He tries to reason with him, but Phil cites that Luther is on Jack Ruby’s hit list and he doesn’t too want to be on it. Luther arrives at Elliott’s store to look for Five, but is told that he has gone out with Diego.

Vanya, meanwhile, pours Sissy a drink and the two talk about Harlan. Sissy tells Vanya about how she feels small and invisible as Carl no longer sees her and Harlan is reluctant to communicate with her. Vanya expresses that she should leave, but is caught off guard when Sissy kisses her; the two of them begin to make out.

Luther and Elliott take nitrous oxide to calm their nerves and laugh about their father’s and how Luther looks like an ape. He accidentally reveals that everyone will be dead within seven days, however, which shocks and confuses Elliott.

Five watches from a closet as the Majestic Twelve announce that they’re going to assassinate JFK in an attempt to keep him from investigating them. Five makes a sudden movement which alerts the twelve to his presence and Reginald orders they meet at the back up location. Five teleports out of the closet but is met by the Swedes who attack him. A fight breaks out and Diego is eventually dragged in but both he and Five are unable to best the Swedes. Lila notices the fighting but is forced to choose to protect Five over Diego, who watches and begs her to help him. After Lila assists Five, Diego is easily able to best the final Swede.

Five tries to catch Grace and Reginald before he departs to the back up location and shouts something from one of Homer's works to him in Ancient Greek that gauges his attention. He gets in the car and drives off anyway, telling Grace when she asks that it was nobody important.



Guest Starring

  • Kevin Rankin as Elliott
  • Kris Holden-Ried as Axel
  • John Kapelos as Jack Ruby
  • Jordan Claire Robbins as Grace
  • Dewshane Williams as Miles


  • Jason Bryden as Otto
  • Justin Paul Kelly as Harlan
  • Colleen Reynolds as Landlord
  • Anjana Vernuganan as Young Lila (4 years old)
  • Raya Korah as Young Lila (10 years old)
  • Sarah Navaratnam as Young Lila (15 years old)


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  • “Love is Blue” - Marty Robbins
  • “Renegade” - Styx
  • “Unwind Yourself” - Marva Whitney
  • “I was Made for Lovin’ You” - Kiss