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"The End of Something"[1] is the tenth and final episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy.


Reeling from the events at Dealey Plaza, the siblings head to the farm to help save Harlan — only to find themselves drawn into a deadly showdown.



The episode begins with a flashback to 2006, at Ben's funeral, following his death during one of the Umbrella Academy's missions. Reginald gives a eulogy for Ben, using the funeral as a means to discipline the siblings, citing it as much their fault as anyone elses. The siblings bicker and storm off, leaving Klaus on his own. Klaus uses his powers and summons Ben, who tells him he can't stay long, and has to leave to the light. Klaus convinces Ben that there's no rush to leave, and gets him to stay.

Back in 1963, a newscast plays, warning the public of possible persons of interest that may have helped Oswald in the assassination of the president. The people happen to be the remaining members of the Umbrella Academy: Vanya for killing several FBI agents, Diego for escaping the psych ward, Luther for having suspected ties to the mafia, Allison for organizing the rally-gone-riot at Stadtler's lunch counter, and Klaus for being a cult leader. The FBI suspects that the members are part of a terrorist network holding Five hostage.

The Umbrella Academy bickers about what to do next, and Vanya heads upstairs to get in touch with Sissy. As she uses the phone, she gets a vision of a scared Harlan crying for her help as he's surrounded by energy waves, similar to the ones exhibited by Vanya's powers. Vanya tells the Academy that she's leaving, as she's the only person that can save Harlan. The rest of the siblings tell her that they have to stay and take a stand against the Commission. Vanya leaves to her car and as she starts the engine, Klaus gets into the car.

They talk about Ben and Vanya mentions that Ben whispered to her as he disappeared. She explains that Ben told him that Klaus was never forcing him to stay with him, and that Ben was just too afraid to go into the light. Klaus feels relieved, as he felt guilty for keeping Ben around and blamed himself for Ben not taking his chance to see the light. Not wanting Vanya to be alone, Klaus and the rest of the Academy ride along with her to the Coopers' farm; Axel follows along behind them in a dairy truck.

Surrounding the barn, there's a cold front with snow, and above is a whirlwind-like storm with lightning. As the Academy approaches, Sissy pulls a rifle on them in fear. She questions who Vanya really is and what she did to Harlan to make him have powers. Vanya convinces Sissy that she's the only one who can help Harlan.

The Handler orders the agents to attack.

Once inside the barn, Vanya tries talking to Harlan to calm him down and help him out. In the distance, Lila and the Handler appear to scope out the anomaly detected by the infinite switchboard. Klaus alerts the rest of the Academy to them, and Five explains who they are. Five and Diego approach to find out what the Handler wants.

The Handler explains that she's now the head of the Commission, and came to eliminate Five for the killing of the Board of Directors. She also mentions wanting to kill the rest of the Academy as well. Diego interjects with the fact that Lila and the Handler are outnumbered by the academy, only for the Handler to snap her fingers and have hundreds of armed Commission field agents appear.

In the barn, Vanya is finally able to get Harlan to calm down, but bullets shoot through the barn causing Vanya and Harlan's powers to send each other flying. Harlan falls through the floor into the underground section of the barn. Outside, bullets continue shooting at Five and Diego as they run. Diego lets Five run into the Coopers' house and covers for him. Using his powers, Diego stops the bullets midair and redirects them to shoot at a gas tank.

Using her powers, Vanya flies out of the barn and sends an energy wave that kills all of the field agents. Despite this, Lila and the Handler are alive and well, surrounded by their own protective force field. Lila flies up in the air, mirroring the same powers as Vanya, and sends an energy wave towards the Academy, causing them to fly backwards, dispersed in different spots.

Five and Luther gather in the house, confused as to how Lila had powers. Bricks fall on top of Five, and Lila teleports into the house, with Five's space traveling power. Luther and her get into a fight, but she resists his punch, matching his level of strength and force. She catapults Luther, and he crashes out of the front of the house.

Allison runs up, and begins to fight Lila. Allison grabs Lila and whispers in her ear to 'rumour' her, only for Lila to deflect it and 'rumour' Allison to stop breathing. Allison tries to gasp for air, but doesn't take any in. Luther grabs her and encourages her to fight it. She is unable to breathe initially, but after Luther performs mouth to mouth, she is able to breathe. In the distance, Diego calls for his siblings' help, with his leg stuck beneath a tractor.

Five escapes the brick rubble and him and Lila teleport to fight. Lila is surprisingly able to hold her own against Five and he questions how she is able to mimic their abilities; she remarks sarcastically that anything he can do, she can do better.

Under the barn, the Handler approaches looking for Harlan. Sissy approaches her, only to get swiftly knocked out with a punch as the Handler remarks she is his new mother. The Handler finds Harlan sitting in the corner, surrounded by a force field and clutching his legs.

Five and Lila fight inside the house, while the rest of the Academy save Diego from the tractor. They mention that she can copy any of the Academy's powers, and come to the conclusion that she was likely born on October 1st, 1989 with powers like the rest of the Academy. It becomes weird for Diego when he realises that he slept with his sister.

The Handler continues talking to Harlan, mentioning how she can help him reach his full potential power-wise and can take great care of him.

Five and Lila continue their fight in the barn, and once they're both weak, Lila mentions she wants to make Five pay for killing her birth parents. Five admits that he killed them as he was told, but tells Lila to blame the Handler instead as she was the one that put out the kill order. Five states that only that one time did the Handler come on the job — a feat which executives like the Handler never do — so that she could have Lila's parents killed and keep Lila for herself and use her for her powers.

The rest of the Umbrella Academy walks into the barn, and Diego explains to Lila that she's like the members of the Academy, and was stolen for her powers. The only difference being that the Handler killed Lila's parents. Diego tells Lila that the Academy can be her new family, because they actually love one another, as opposed to the Handler only loving Lila for her powers.

Suddenly, the Handler enters the barn and shoots the Academy, and they all bleed out on the floor. The Handler asks Lila if they can move on as a family, only for Lila to say that the Academy is her real family. Lila asks the Handler if she even loves her, to no response. She tries to stab the Handler only for the Handler to shoot her dead.

Five, who survived the shooting but is critically wounded, gasps for air, and the Handler points a gun to his head. Before she gets the chance to shoot, she gets shot from the back by Axel and dies. Axel comes up to Five to shoot him, and Five remembers being told by Reginald about being careful about time travel and to travel seconds backwards or forwards in time, not decades.

Five travels 3 minutes back in time, before the Handler shoots everyone, and grabs her gun. Lila asks the Handler if everything said was true, and before the Handler can answer, she gets shot to death by Axel. Lila grabs the time travel briefcase, and when Luther tries to stop her, Diego tackles him, but he cannot stop Lila from dissapearing.

Axel points his gun at Five, and Five drops his, having had enough of the fighting. Axel realises that Five isn't the enemy, but the events leading up to the death of the Swedes have actually been orchesrated by the Handler; Axel drops his weapon and walks away. Luther asks Diego why he stopped him, and Diego says that he loves Lila.

Downstairs, Sissy calls for Vanya's help, given Harlan is still in the corner, scared. Vanya grabs his knees and tells him that she is able to take back the energy she gave him previously. He obliges, and she is able to take back the energy and save Harlan from himself.

TUA 210 Unit 02201RC.jpg

Outside on the field, Herb and Dot blink into existence. Herb tells Diego and Five that he's been voted as acting Chair of the Commission Board. Fearing that they will never make it home, Five asks for a briefcase, and Herb lets him take one of the many on the field that belong to the hundreds of dead agents.

Inside the house, Vanya tells Sissy to quickly pack up so they can leave together, but Sissy tells Vanya that her and Harlan have to stay. She thinks there's too many unpredictable risks in traveling in time and wouldn't want anything bad to happen to Harlan. She also is scared for Vanya and can't guarantee a normal life in the future where they aren't hunted down. Sissy tells her she has plans to see a friend in California and Vanya encourages her to have the full, wonderful life she deserves.

Raymond returns home to find Allison is gone; she has left him a note confessing her love for him, but reminding him that she needs to return to her rightful place within the timeline. In a montage, Dave gets on the bus to join the military, Axel gets on a bus driven by Klaus' cult, Sissy drives to New Mexico with Harlan, Harlan is in the back seat, using powers to levitate his toy bird, and the Umbrella Academy gathers in a circle to travel to 2019.

The Umbrella Academy reappears to their intact childhood home on April 2nd, 2019, the day after the first apocalypse. They walk into the living room to find a portrait of Ben on the mantelpiece, and Reginald, who is still alive despite his ordinary death weeks earlier. Reginald tells them that he was expecting them.

Luther says he's just glad they're all home together, but Reginald corrects him saying that they aren't in their home, they're in the Sparrow Academy. An alive Ben walks in, and on the upper level stands the silhouettes of 5 supposed siblings and a floating cube core. Ben looks at the Umbrella Academy, and asks Reginald who they are.



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  • It is revealed that Lila has the ability to mimic abilities.
  • Lila finds out that the Handler faked kill order 743 — she gave Five the order to assassinate Lila's parents.
  • Viktor takes back the energy he gave to Harlan.
  • The Umbrella Academy travels back to 2019, but find themselves in a different timeline wherein the Umbrella Academy is replaced with the Sparrow Academy.
  • During production of the episode, an unplanned snowstorm happened at Toronto, the filming location, so the snowstorm that the siblings face was actually written into the episode last-minute.



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