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The Temps Commission is an organization overseeing, and managing the space-time continuum. Their main job is to make sure that all events that are supposed to happen, happen. To do this, they have agents ready to travel through time and to eliminate anyone that poses a threat to their job. Agents are assigned their tasks by the management of the Commission. Tasks are given to the agents with the help of pneumatic tubes. Their residence is the year 1955. For a brief period of time, Five was employed by the Commission.

The Commission is led by a Board of Directors, who meet at different points in time and space every quarter. A.J. Carmichael was the Chair of the Board until its members were killed by Number Five on the orders of The Handler. Following the coup, a number of employees led by Herb continued to try to undermine her and helped the Umbrella Academy in their efforts. After the Handler was eliminated, Herb was chosen as the interim Chair until a new Board could be elected.

During the Kugelblitz, Five discovered that the Founder of the Commission was actually a future version of himself from an alternate timeline.


Infinite Switchboard

The Temps Commission has a device named the "infinite switchboard" in which they monitor the entirety of time and ensure that the timeline is preserved and events occur in exactly the way they are supposed to. Employees of the Commission can use this device to view any moment in time, whether this is in the future or in the past.[1]

The infinite switchboard also serves as an alert system, and can alert the Commission of anomalies within the timeline, allowing them to mobilise and fix the timeline. Such events occurred when Harlan Cooper began developing abilities from the energy transferred to him by Viktor Hargreeves.[2]