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This article is about the Sparrows from the Dark Horse comics. You may be looking for the Sparrow Academy from the Netflix series or the upcoming fourth miniseries of the comics.
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The Sparrows is a group made up of seven powered individuals.

This group has some connection to Mom and a man named Deever.[1] They have a base in Norway and refer to the Umbrella Academy members as family.[2][3] Mom first brought Vanya to them while she was struggling with her recovery, and later, the Sparrows revealed themselves to the Umbrella Academy members, arriving just in time to save them from a group of supervillains.[3] They wear red, black, and silver uniforms with a logo of a sparrow on their chest and sleeves.

They are heavily implied to be among the 43 children born simultaneously to mothers with no previous signs of pregnancy on October 1, 1989. First introduced in Hotel Oblivion, their origins are likely to be explored in the next installment of the comic book series.[4]


  • Number One - has displayed super strength[3]
  • Carla - was able to make White Violin walk again[2]
  • Unnamed blonde[3]
  • Unnamed character in a blue sweatshirt who can release a blast from their face[3]
  • Unnamed character who can turn into a murder of crows[3]
  • Unnamed character - has a blob-like appearance; acts like a living voodoo doll, passing on self-inflicted pain onto others[3]
  • Unidentified green cube[3]