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This article is about the Sparrow Academy from the Netflix series. You may be looking for the Sparrows from the Dark Horse comics or the upcoming fourth miniseries of the comics.

The Sparrow Academy is an Academy of seven children born on the same day and adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves following a change in the timeline caused by their counterparts, the Umbrella Academy. The Sparrow Academy is almost identical to the Umbrella Academy, but built with what Hargreeves believes to be a better set of children.


16 children around the world were born by mysterious circumstances, as their mothers did not show any signs of pregnancy at all until labor began. 7 of these children are subsequently adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, with the intention to raise them as a superhero team.[1]

In 2014, Reginald's long-time assistant and friend Pogo left the Academy after a dispute with Hargreeves. While the Sparrows were all devastated at Pogo's departure, they were given medication by their former mentor to subdue Reginald. With this, they spent the next five years running the Sparrow Academy as they saw fit.[citation needed]

Difference between Comics[]

  • Though they both display super strength and are ranked number one in their group, Marcus is African American while his comic book counterpart is white with blonde hair.
  • Ben serves as a replacement for Carla, a member of the Sparrows in the comics.
  • In the show, Fei can manifest a murder of crows while her comic book counterpart can instead transform into a murder of crows.
  • In the show, Alphonso has a more humanly blob-like appearance while his comic book counterpart has a purple colored blob-like appearance.
  • In the show, Sloane has hazel hair and light brown skin while her comic book counterpart has blonde hair and lighter skin.
  • In the show, Jayme can release hallucinogenic spits from her mouth, while her comic book counterpart wears a blue sweatshirt and can release blasts from their face.


  • The Umbrella Academy has six men and one woman (two if counting Lila), while the Sparrow Academy has three women, three men, and a cube of debatable gender; which makes them more gender balanced.
  • Marcus’ strength and leadership makes him comparable to Captain America in Marvel comics.
  • Fei's blindsight and crow powers make her comparable to Daredevil in Marvel comics.
  • Ben's tentacles make him somewhat comparable to Doctor Octopus in Marvel comics.
  • Sloane's gravity powers make her somewhat comparable to Terra in DC comics.