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Sissy Cooper is a main character in the second season of The Umbrella Academy. She is a Texas mom married to Carl Cooper. She is introduced in 1963 after hitting Vanya with her car. Vanya lived with the Coopers while she had memory loss and became romantically involved with Sissy during her stay with the family.


Time with Vanya

Sissy takes Vanya into the Cooper household after hitting her with her car, and Vanya becomes a nanny to Sissy's son Harlan. The two eventually grow closer and Sissy reveals to Vanya that she has feelings for her. Vanya returns the sentiment and the two begin having an affair behind her husband's back. Carl eventually finds out and threatens to send Harlan Cooper, their son, away to an institution if Vanya does not leave Sissy alone.

Vanya goes back to the farm and Sissy gets to the house as Vanya is packing their things for their escape. The two decide to make good on their fantasy of running away together. However, Sissy's note makes Carl alert the police and Vanya uses her powers on two policemen before being knocked out by the gun of remaining policeman, who is revealed to be Carl's brother, Jerry. This shatters their dream of running away together as Vanya is taken away from Sissy's arms and given to the FBI.

Later, Sissy is seen sitting on a bed disgusted as her husband brushes her back while he tells her Vanya is believed to be a Russian communist who used them for her own agenda.

When Harlan starts showing signs of powers via his and Vanya's connection as she is tortured by the FBI, Sissy and Carl watch him. For the first time, Harlan utters a word. He calls out Vanya's name and his father roughly grabs him, dragging him to his car.

He tells her that he won't take into account her feelings; Sissy has had enough of her loveless and emotionally abusive marriage. As he decides to make good on his threat to take Harlan away, she threatens him with a rifle. Carl is able to steal the rifle from her and accidentally lets the gun go off, almost hitting Harlan. Harlan deflects the bullet with his new abilities and instead hits Carl, killing him.

After Vanya seemingly drains all of the power she transferred into Harlan, she later finds Sissy in Harlan's room. She watches over her son as he sleeps. Then when Vanya mentions they should leave with her and return back to Vanya's original place in 2019, Sissy is reluctant, and explains that she knows Vanya's power and status as a Hargreeves will bring danger into her and Harlan's life. She tells Vanya her time with her has affected her greatly and she loves her. She mentions going to California where she has a friend. The pair hold each other and kiss until Vanya bids Sissy goodbye as she returns back to her original place within the timeline.

As the final scenes approach we see Sissy driving past a 'New Mexico' sign with Harlan in the back seat.

The scene cuts as Harlan is shown levitating a sparrow in his palm signaling that Vanya didn't drain all her power from him in the barn.[1]


Sissy is a unique soul that had lost hope before Vanya came into her life. She has a rebellious side seen in the scene where Vanya finds her smoking a cigarette in her kitchen. She mentions that 'men have sides, women have secrets'. This shows that she is well aware of societies role for her. She is expected to be a heterosexual housewife to a man when she knows deep down that is not something she wants. Sissy seems to have progressive ideologies but is held back by feelings of responsibility for her son and herself.

Sissy is married to a man named Carl, who does not make life easy for her and whom she does not love.

After Harlan's near death experience and Vanya's rescue of him, she confesses to Vanya that she has feelings for her. The two give in to their feelings and sleep with each other. In the morning after, Sissy is seen as calm and care-free. She is satisfied and knows that her feelings for Vanya are real. The two begin kissing again until her husband honks his car signaling his return. The two-part and get dressed, going back to a script of nanny and housewife.

Sissy and Vanya engage in a romantic relationship that they are forced to hide from the world. Sissy knows who she is but feels like she is forced to hide. She tells Vanya the world does not "abide women like us". Sissy desperately wants to be with Vanya but struggles with letting go of the role she was thrust into.

However, she is quite independent and has an extraordinary sense of wrong and right. She also has a calm, nurturing side to her as well. This shows in how she holds and kisses them. When they are harmed she runs to them and makes sure they are alright. Sissy is also fiercely protective of her loved ones and would do anything to keep them from harm even by force if they are threatened.


Sissy met Carl Cooper after the two were set up by her sister. They were married for at least 8 years, but the actual length of their relationship is not specified. In the span of the month-and-a-half that Vanya stayed at Sissy's farm, Sissy developed deep feelings for Vanya and they eventually fell in love. Carl then sees Vanya and Sissy kissing in her car and then tries to drive Vanya away by blackmailing her.

Sissy and Vanya try to run away from the farm but Sissy leaves a note that leaves Carl able to call the police and is falsely accusing Vanya of kidnapping Harlan, who they had planned to take with them. When planning to take Sissy with her to the future, Vanya is told by Sissy that Harlan and herself could not go, in case they were separated in the jump. Eventually, Vanya leaves Sissy behind and they are not seen again in the show.



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