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Season Three of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy was confirmed on November 10, 2020.[1] It began production in February 2021,[2] and ended in August that same year.[3]

The season, released on June 22, 2022[4], explores and explains the mystery of the Sparrow Academy, Hotel Oblivion, and the upcoming Kugelblitz caused by The Umbrella Academy that will swallow all of time and reality.





Picture Title Number Season Number Original Airdate
Sparrow Academy Trailer "Meet the Family" 1 3 June 22, 2022
After averting a doomsday in Dallas, the Umbrella siblings return to a very different Academy — now ruled by the powerful and hostile Sparrows.
World's Biggest Ball of Twine 001 "World's Biggest Ball of Twine" 2 3 June 22, 2022
With their Number One missing, the Sparrows take a hostage. Allison makes a painful discovery. Klaus takes Five on an eye-opening road trip.
Pocket Full of Lightning 001 "Pocket Full of Lightning" 3 3 June 22, 2022
As people start disappearing in waves, Five and Lila reluctantly team up to solve their time-travel problem. Klaus sees a new side of his father.
Kugelblitz 001 "Kugelblitz" 4 3 June 22, 2022
Luther and Sloane hatch a plan to end the war between the families. Viktor reconnects with someone from the past. Five has an unsettling encounter.
Kindest Cut 001 "Kindest Cut" 5 3 June 22, 2022
Klaus's relationship with death proves more complicated than anyone knew. Viktor finally learns what happened to the Umbrellas' mothers.
Marigold 001 "Marigold" 6 3 June 22, 2022
Five chases down Pogo, Viktor and Harlan attempt a transfer of powers, and Diego and Lila venture beyond the wall of the White Buffalo Suite.
Auf Wiedersehen 001 "Auf Wiedersehen" 7 3 June 22, 2022
In 1989, Lila digs up one of her mother's secrets. The families join forces to fight the Kugelblitz. Reginald teaches Klaus to harness his powers.
Wedding at the End of the World 001 "Wedding at the End of the World" 8 3 June 22, 2022
With the universe collapsing around them, the gang gathers for a day of romance, awkwardness and debauchery at the Hotel Obsidian.
Seven Bells 001 "Seven Bells" 9 3 June 22, 2022
Reginald goes all out to convince the children to sign on to his plan. Five tries to recover a drunken memory. Allison has a change of heart.
Oblivion 001 "Oblivion" 10 3 June 22, 2022
Shaken, the family confronts the deadly mysteries of the Hotel Oblivion — and the growing suspicion that their mission is not what it seems.


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