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"Right Back Where We Started"[1] is the first episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy, and the eleventh overall.


After dropping his siblings into an alley in Dallas — in different years — Five scrambles to track them all down and stop a new doomsday threat.



Following on from his attempts to save the Umbrella Academy from the apocalypse they inadvertently caused, Five finds that he has not been as successful as he had hoped, with each of his siblings scattered through Dallas, Texas, in different years. Klaus and Ben find themselves in 1960, Allison in 1961, Luther in 1962, Diego and Vanya in 1963, and Five in 1963, two months after Vanya.

Five finds himself thrown onto the battlefield between the Soviet’s and the USA, and questions immediately what they have caused this time. It quickly becomes apparent that the Umbrella Academy are using their powers publicly against the Soviet’s, much to Five’s surprise. Just before Five is about to reunite with his family, Hazel appears and tells him to go with him if he wants to live given the nuclear warheads that are about to explode; Five has no other option but to obey. When Five questions what is going on, Hazel reveals that he witnessed the end of the world, November 25, 1963 — a direct result of his family's meddling with time. Hazel reveals that Five must restore the timeline alone, given he quit the Temps Commission; he further reveals that Agnes passed away of cancer.

Before Five and Hazel are able to talk more, they are attacked by numerous older men with machine guns. Hazel is able to send Five away, but is shot numerous times in the chest and dies immediately. During his escape, Five notices he is being watched by a man from a nearby window. He travels into the man's apartment and notices that he has been monitoring the street where Five emerged. He questions the man over it, and he reveals that he has been tracking the arrival of the members of the Umbrella Academy since 1960. Whilst the members of the Academy returned numerous times to look for their family, he explains that eventually, they stopped. The man, Elliott, hands Five a newspaper article about Diego, and he leaves to look for his brother.

Meanwhile in a psychiatric facility, Diego explains his feelings surrounding his father, Hargreeves, to Dr. Moncton and the rest of his support group. The situation becomes tense when it becomes clear that Moncton does not believe him, and questions who the real Diego is. Diego admits that he doesn’t know, but is ready to find out. After the meeting, Diego questions when he will be able to leave the facility, and when Moncton reveals he has 90 days to go, Diego exclaims that he needs to save the president from being shot, a statement that Moncton — and the rest of the facility — finds absurd.

Diego is brought into a separate room where he finds Five waiting for him. Diego asks Five to help him escape so that he can save the president, but Five rebukes him, citing this is what could cause the apocalypse. Diego agrees to help Five stop the apocalypse if he promises to travel them back to kill Hitler afterwards. Believing his brother will screw up his attempts to save the world, Five reveals to the guards that Diego is plotting an escape from the institution and has him locked up.

Vanya, however, finds herself without memories living with a small family in Dallas. Carl tells Vanya that he put another missing person’s advertisement in the paper for Vanya, but nothing fruitful has come of it.

Heading back to Dallas, Klaus and Ben get into an argument as Ben pleads with Klaus to return to San Francisco so that he may finish his unfinished business. Klaus, however, remarks that they cannot go back as he feels he is suffocating, and the two get into a fight on the highway in which Klaus exclaims that he doesn’t need Ben. Heading into a nearby Tavern, Klaus questions when the next bus to Dallas is, and the bartender remarks that it is the following day at 3. Meanwhile, Klaus is invited to play poker. Believing Ben to be telling the truth when he tells him that the man is bluffing, Klaus bargains his necklace for the man’s keys, but is surprised to find that Ben was lying. This ends in a fight between Klaus and the man when Klaus tries to take the man’s keys anyway. Klaus manages to get away with the man’s truck nevertheless.

Allison, meanwhile, has built a life for herself with Raymond, fighting segregation and racism in America. Raymond returns from work to alert her to the fact that they made the papers, but Allison warns him not to get his hopes up about JFK, knowing that he is about to be assassinated. Shortly after, Raymond and Allison plan a sit-in for five days before JFK’s visit; they promise to sit with dignity and honor and avoid violence at all costs. During their planning, however, they’re interrupted by Mr. Mason, who questions what they are doing at the salon after hours. Mr Mason tries to pick a fight when Raymond shuts the door on him, but Allison is able to protect her husband with violence, much to her husband's dismay.

Luther on the other hand has found himself a new home in an underground, make-shift boxing ring. Luther initially looks to be losing the fight, but after getting the approval of what looks like his manager, Mr. Ruby, he is able to turn the fight around and wins without an issue, snapping his opponents arm in half with ease.

In the facility, Diego is able to escape the straight jacket by dislocating his shoulder. After escaping the locked room, he is confronted by hospital staff, but is able to escape with a fellow inmate, Lila’s, help. They flee the facility but are chased by the gang of men who confronted Five earlier and killed Hazel.

Luther talks with Autumn, a worker in one of the clubs he frequents. She points out a young kid sitting by the stage, and remarks that she told him they don’t serve minors. Luther realises who it is and approaches to find it is Number Five. Luther is unwilling to go with Five despite Five revealing that there will be another apocalypse.



Guest Starring


  • Jason Bryden as Otto
  • Tom Sinclair as Oscar
  • Patrick Garrow as Buck
  • Justin Paul Kelly as Harlan
  • Christian Lloyd as Kyle
  • Steve Coombes as Guard
  • Richard Waugh as Mason Dumont
  • Bo Martyn as Autumn
  • Domenic Cuzzocrea as Homeless Man
  • Neil Bennett as Trooper
  • Kayla Dumont as Woman Getting Mugged
  • Jesse Buck as Bartender
  • Matthew Edison as Doctor Moncton
  • David Feehan as Milkman
  • Bruce Hunter as Driver
  • Tony Marra as Gruff Manager
  • Robert Verlaque as Hoyt Hillenkoetter


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  • Southern Justice Coordinating Committee (First appearance)




  • "Right Back to Where We Started From" - Maxine Nightingale
  • "My Way" - Frank Sinatra
  • "Trying" - Fran powers
  • "I Wonder What the Future Holds for Me" - Glenn Snow
  • "Rocket Fuel" - DJ Shadow
  • "Crazy" - Daniela Andrade
  • "Comin’ Home Baby" - Mel Tormé
  • "You Only Want me When You’re Lonely" - Jim Boyd