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Raymond "Ray" Chestnut is the husband of Allison and a fierce player in the American Civil Rights Movement. Raymond meets Allison in 1961 at her place of work while at a Civil Rights Group Meeting. They got married in Nov. 1962, even though he had no idea about Allison's life prior to meeting her.



Raymond Chestnut's affiliation was with the American Civil Rights Movement in Dallas. He played a significant leadership role in Group Meetings and had been imprisoned countless times in his efforts to protest. Given the 1960s were difficult times filled with adversities for African Americans, Ray devoted most of his time working as a major player in the American Civil Rights Movement.

Marriage with Allison

In 1961, Raymond first encountered Allison at Odessa's, where she worked, during a Civil Rights Group Meeting. He had no idea about Allison's life prior to meeting her. In 1962, they were wed. Raymond began to suspect his spouse, until she ultimately, divulged her secret.

This initially placed a wedge between the two, however Raymond was able to overcome this and the two grew closer than ever. Raymond helped Allison in her efforts to return to her own timeline, but was reluctant to go with her in an effort to continue his civil rights activities in the 1960s.[1]


Raymond was a determined Civil Rights Activist in Dallas. He assumed a leadership role and looked out for others before himself. Additionally, he wasn't quick to trust once he knew something was wrong. He was rebellious, but also compassionate and moral.


Allison Hargreeves

Allison and Ray dance

Allison and Ray were married, and enjoyed a strong and stable relationship together. Things began to fall apart, however, when the other members of Allison's family began appearing in Dallas.

Allison was unwilling to reveal her secret or her family's history to Raymond, which drove a wedge between the two. Nevertheless, Allison eventually revealed her family's secrets to Raymond and this drew them closer. Raymond did, however, have reservations about whether Allison had ever used her abilities on him, but she asserted that she had not.

Before Allison left to return to her rightful place within the timeline, Raymond exclaimed that he had the best year of his life with her, but that he wouldn't want her to remove the pain using her abilities.





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