Odessa is the owner of a salon in Dallas and a former caretaker of Allison. She took Allison in when she first arrived in 1961. She constantly participated in the Civil Rights Movement and the daily assembly's to discuss future motives and plans with Raymond and the other African-American participants within her vicinity.



Odessa owned her own salon for young black women during the Jim Crow period. She participated in the American Civil Rights Movement with Raymond Chestnut and other black men and women, often using her salon as a location and setup for assemblies and conclaves.

Interaction with Allison

When Odessa was trimming a black woman's hair, she was interupted by Allison, who had come barging in. Allison was followed by three white men. Angry that the men would prey on an innocent woman, Odessa and the other women in the salon gathered around the white men, threatening them with knives and scissors, eventually scaring them off. Odessa let Allison live and reside in her salon, and Allison offered her help with running the salon in exchange, cleaning the salon and locking it up during the nightime.

Mr. Mason's Interference

During an assembly in Odessas salon, she was interrupted by Mr. Mason. Mr. Mason confronted them, complaining that the salon was oddly busy and filled with chatter. Aggravated by his ignorance, Allison kicks him out of the buildingg by force. Odessa and the others are shocked and relieved all the same.

The Sit-In

During a conclave, the movement questions what is happening with Raymond, with numerous members telling Allison that they should cancel the sit-in. Allison refuses, however, citing that they must take advantage of the fact that JFK arrives within five days. Allison is unable to convince the movement, however, and they decide that they should vote on it. The vote is passed in favor of the sit in, much to Allison and Odessa’s delight.

During the night time in Dallas, Odessa and the others approach the "whites-only" cafe, and with much disgression take their seats at multiple tables. The white customers start to riot, repeating the phrase "get-out." While Allison and Ray are talking, a bartender purposefully spills hot fresh coffee on Allison. In distress, she jumps off her seat and is restrained on a table, watching as her husband is repeatedly beaten with a baton. Odessa is furious and shouts for the policemen to let Allison go. She continues to shout until somebody refrains the policemen from restraining Allison.


Odessa is holding a meeting discussing the Civil Rights Movement, when Allison comes in,a nd is distraught to see Odessa holding a meeting without her. Allison and Raymond discuss outside while Odessa and the others patiently wait for them to return.


Odessa is a bright woman who cares for her race very deeply. She is kind and believes in justice and equality. It is shown that she is understanding and sweet towards her race, as she protected Allison from abusive. men and offered her a home in her salon. Odessa also stated that her salon is for black women only, revealing that she is more compassionate towards black people than she is towards white people.


Allison Hargreeves

Allison and Odessa are extremely close to one another, and have known eachother since 1961. Odessa took Allison in, and gave her a purpose and something to live for. Allison would always watch from afar as Odessa would host the meetings. In a way, Allison looked at Odessa as a motherly idolized figure. They also think alike, since during an assembly, they voted to execute the sit-in, and were both pleased when their decision passed thanks to a majority vote. Odessa has shown she will go to great lengths to protect Allison. When Allison was being restrained by the cops, Odessa furiously shouted at them, infuriated that they would hurt or harm her. She still cares for Allison deeply.

Raymond Chestnut

Odessa and Raymond are very close friends. They both share the same motive and dream; for blacks to be treated like as whites. This dream they have forms a deeper bond between them. Odessa often let Raymond host his assembly's in her shop, and much to displeasure, agreed to hold a conclave without Allison.



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