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This article is about Mom from the Dark Horse comics. You may be looking for Grace from the Netflix series.

"What matters is your resolve... You never gave them an ounce of fear. Because I know you... and I know you can't be broken."
—Mom to Vanya[src]

Mom is the primary caregiver and adoptive mother of the seven children adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. She was created by Hargreeves to pacify the children and care for them when not on missions.


It's unknown exactly when Hargreeves created Mom, but it likely wasn't long after he bought the children around 1950. She raised them as a mother, teaching them things like how to behave. She is made of industrial plastic and has detachable limbs and visible organs through a hole in her stomach and chest.

At some point, Mom became involved with a group of superpowered beings separate from the Umbrella Academy, likely more children born from the Atomic Flying Elbow. She continued to care for the Hargreeves siblings as she did this.

Apocalypse Suite

After Reginald Hargreeves's passing around 1980, Mom appeared devastated. She attended his funeral, choosing not to wear her limbs due to their discomfort, and wore a black coat to be presentable. When she tried to offer some words to honor Hargreeves, the Kraken, who had grown to hate Hargreeves over the years, tore her coat off, revealing her limbless torso on a wheeled cart. The Rumor consoled her as Hargreeves was lowered into the ground.

Observing Phinneus Pogo's studies of his biology, Mom tried to care for Number Five after his arrival, but Five shoved her off and insulted her.


Mom survived the destruction of the Academy, likely not being inside when Vanya brought it down. She came to Allison as she stood mourning over the grave of Pogo. Mom tried to comfort Allison, but was bitterly insulted. Mom shot back by saying Allison should do something useful like Number Five, who was betting on the dog races at the time.

Hotel Oblivion

Once Vanya regained her memory, she began to try walking again under Allison. After witnessing a failed attempt at walking from Vanya, presumably one of many, Mom told Allison that not using her power to let Vanya walk again was selfish. When Allison refused, Mom decided it was time to take matters into her own hands.

A day or so after ridiculing Allison, Mom took Vanya for a walk in a wheelchair, pushing her along. They went to a statue of the family, a museum, and the City's boardwalk. All the while, Mom tried to convince Vanya that the rest of the Academy was wrong to shun her.

Mom introduced Vanya to Deever, as well as Carla, a member of the Sparrows, who allowed her to walk again. Carla then took Vanya to their base, where Mom was waiting and told Vanya she'd introduce her to family.