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This article is about the Kraken from the Dark Horse comics. You may be looking for Diego Hargreeves from the Netflix series.

"Everything is a lie, cowboy. Hargreeves left us with nothing but a mausoleum full of questions and a piece of plastic for a mother... those tears aren't even real."
—The Kraken[src]

Diego Hargreeves, originally designated Number Two and best known as the Kraken, is the reckless and rebellious member of the group; described by Monocle as “an insolent brat.” He has the ability to hold his breath indefinitely and has demonstrated a strong affinity for knife-throwing. He and Luther have a very clear rivalry, and Diego seems unwilling to take orders from Luther. He is more of a Batman-like superhero in that he goes on regular patrols and can be seen taking down drug dealers. In his teenage years, he was the bass player in a band called the Prime-8s, with Body (Inspector Lupo's assistant), and Vanya Hargreeves. He is also seen to be left handed in the short story "Anywhere But Here," as he is playing the bass left handed. It appears that he harbors a secret soft spot for his adopted sister, Vanya. It is yet to be seen how The Kraken lost his right eye and wears an eye-patch when not wearing his mask, which has it blacked out.


Early life

The child that would become Diego Hargreeves was born at the same time as forty-two other extraordinary children. As a baby, he was adopted by the world-famous scientist and entrepreneur Sir Reginald Hargreeves with the express intention of training them to save the world. Diego lived at the special academy set up by Hargreeves to train the children. Designated as Number Two by Hargreeves, Diego had the ability to hold his breath for an indefinite amount of time. Sir Reginald questioned whether this ability was of any use. Diego displayed a proficiency with knives from a young age, and Sir Reginald found him to be predictably reckless.[1]

The Umbrella Academy

Ten years after their adoption, the Umbrella Academy made their public debut to counter the threat posed by the Zombie-Robot Gustave Eiffel and the rampaging Eiffel Tower in Paris. Diego was part of the team during the battle. Upon the discovery of Eiffel, Diego killed him by throwing a knife into his forehead which cause the Eiffel Tower to launch into space. After the mission, Diego joined the others having celebratory ice cream.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Kraken can hold his breath for an unlimited time.


He is an expert with throwing knives, and an accomplished martial artist.


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