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"Where has it gotten me? Nowhere. I can’t talk to the person I love. People still don’t take me seriously. I wanna be numb again."
—Klaus Hargreeves[src]

Klaus Hargreeves, originally designated as Number Four, is one of the forty-three children who were all born on the 12th hour of the first day of October 1989 to mothers without any previous signs of pregnancy. The baby was one of seven adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves with the intention of training them to save the world. Ranked by their individual usefulness, Klaus was Hargreeves' Number Four with the ability to speak to the dead.

Klaus found himself transported to Dallas, February 11, 1960, when five failed to avert the apocalypse. Klaus became the leader of a spiritual cult and despite the fame associated, he struggled more and more with his inner demons. He and Ben struggled with their relationship but began experimenting more with their combined abilities.


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Early Life[]

Klaus Hargreeves was born at noon on October 1, 1989, in Pennsylvania, to Rachel Herschberger, an Amish woman,[9] who had not been pregnant when the day began. He was adopted by the eccentric (yet reclusive) billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves.[1]

He started doing drugs at 13 after finding out they repress his powers shortly after being locked in a mausoleum as a child. He suffered much abuse in his childhood.

Return to the Academy[]

Losing their father[]

At the beginning of the series, Klaus was released from rehab. He immediately bought drugs upon his release and learned of his adoptive father's death after being resuscitated in an ambulance. He arrived at the Umbrella Academy and immediately raided his father's office for anything of value. He was caught by his sister Allison, although she did not force him to put anything back. Luther, however, did. He took a box which contained papers belonging to his late father. He thew the papers into a dumpster and took the box to a pawn shop. Using the money, he bought more drugs.

Later on, during the family meeting, Klaus has stolen Allison's skirt. He wasn't happy with Luther's assumption that perhaps he or another sibling killed their father. He was asked by Luther to contact the spirit of Sir Reginald. While he tried, Klaus was unsuccessful. During the funeral of Sir Reginald, Klaus smoked, and agreed with Diego that their father was a monster. When Number Five opened a portal to travel back to his time, Klaus threw a fire extinguisher through. Afterwards, he left with Diego, and it was revealed that although he is high, he is still able to talk with the spirit of his dead brother, Ben.[1]

Search for an Eye[]

While he slept, Klaus was tormented by the voices of the dead, or perhaps had nightmares of them. He awakened, hungover, and began to talk with the spirit of Ben, who admonished him for his drug use. He was asked by Pogo about the box that went missing from Sir Reginald's office the day before, but he feigned innocence.

He later hid in Number Five's closet and listened in on Number Five and Viktor's conversation about the apocalypse. He climbed out after Viktor left, and it was revealed that Number Five wanted Klaus to pretend to be his father. They went to the company that produced the prosthetic eye that Five was fixated on, but the technician in charge once again refused to disclose patient information to Five. This changed when Klaus changed tactics. First, he punched Five and insinuated that they will pretend that it was the technician who gave Five the swollen lip. Then, he smashed a snow globe into his head, and when the technician attempted to call security, Klaus threatened to tell them that the technician had assaulted them.

After Klaus insinuated that the technician would be assaulted if put into prison, the technician finally gave in and looked up the serial number from the eye. The eye, however, had not yet been manufactured, according to their records. When they got back outside and Five yelled at him, Klaus came to the conclusion that Five was so wound up because he's horny. At this point, Klaus also revealed that his longest relationship lasted three weeks, although that was only because he "was so tired of looking for a place to sleep. He did make the most fantastic osso buco, though." At this point, Five teleported away.[3]

Family Meeting[]

Klaus searched through the dumpster he dumped his father's papers into. He could not find them, though, which aggravated him. He attempted to convince Five that he was simply looking for a donut.

Klaus and Luther showed up in the van that Five stole. After Klaus told them about the time, he "waxed [his] ass with chocolate pudding", they kick him out of the van. It's at this point Klaus decided to steal as much as he could from a nearby corner store. When Luther showed the family the surveillance footage of their father's death, Klaus ate a pack of chips, and got a drink as Diego revealed that he took Sir Reginald's monocle from Grace. The family argued over what they should do with Grace, Klaus sided with Diego.

Soon after, during Hazel and Cha-Cha's break-in, Klaus was in the bath. Although he seemed initially peaceful, he began to visibly experience a similar spiritual onslaught to his nightmare. Agitated, he sat up, put on a pair of headphones, and lit a joint. He then was completely oblivious to the attack on the Academy and was seen dancing as his siblings fought Hazel and Cha-Cha. However, he was kidnapped by Hazel.[10]

Held Captive[]

At the Academy, no one had noticed that Klaus has been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Hazel and Cha-Cha tortured Klaus for information. They strangled, beat, and waterboarded him. These methods prove ineffective. As he began to go through withdrawal, Klaus started seeing and hearing spirits around him, specifically, a Russian woman.

Hazel and Cha-Cha, growing frustrated, went through Klaus' coat, finding pills and a bar of chocolate laced with marijuana. Hazel crushed the pills, and Klaus chose not to tell Hazel and Cha-Cha that the chocolate was "special". He eventually told them everything that he knew about Number Five's plans, after being bribed with what was left of his pills. As Hazel and Cha-Cha burned down Meritech Prosthetics, Klaus was left in a closet, giving him flashbacks to being locked in a tomb as a child, bringing back some unwanted trauma that his father had given him. A mix of these flashbacks and withdrawal caused him to scream in anguish, but Ben attempted to calm him down. As a cleaner vacuumed, Klaus screamed for help, but she didn't hear him, as his mouth was covered in duct tape, and she was listening to music.

Ben told Klaus how disappointed and hurt he was by Klaus' life choices. Hazel and Cha-Cha returned, dragging him out of the closet. Klaus took this as an opportunity to inform them that they were "scarier without the masks". He also begged to be let go but was informed by Hazel and Cha-Cha that he was now being used as bait to lure Five to their motel room. He began seeing and hearing spirits again, but this time, he talked to them. He used what they told him as ammunition against Hazel and Cha-Cha, mainly the name Zoya Popova and the story of Jan Mueller. Cha-Cha eventually had enough and shut him up with some duct tape over his mouth. Klaus saw Detective Patch through the blinds and started banging his head on the table. She heard and got the door open. She realized that he was Diego's sibling and cuthim free of the restraints.

Hazel came out of the bathroom and told Patch to not shoot at him. Hazel dropped his weapon and got down on his knees. Cha-Cha somehow got out and shot Patch in the back. Before Patch got shot, Klaus dove behind the bed, and grabbed their coat, crawled through the air vent, taking Hazel and Cha-Cha's case with him. He prayed it was money for drugs. He got onto a bus, where he opened the case and was transported away to another, at the time unknown, time and place.[11]

Back from the Past[]

As seen nearly 12 minutes into the episode, Klaus had just gotten back from what seems to be a war, as shown on his body and army jacket which was covered in war/army tags, tattoos and bloody hands. Looking traumatized, sad and sobbing, he got off of the train and started destroying the briefcase, screaming, as he slowly dropped to the ground and sobbed.

At 18:40, Klaus was seen in the bathtub, with flickering lights, he heard himself shouting the name "Dave!" and jolted up, snapping out of it, clearly terrified. He was later seen by Five, who noticed how Klaus is acting, and the blood trailing from the bathroom to his room and asked him if he was okay, Klaus replying "yeah... Long one" and Five told him that it seemed to have been more than one night. Klaus argued and tried to hide the dog tag and tattoos, but Five told him the symptoms and asked Klaus if he could explain what had happened, and at this point, it was not worth hiding so he explained how he had been kidnapped and why he stole the briefcase. Five asked how long he had been gone, and Klaus stated that it had been almost a year and that he was 10 months older now, Five told Klaus that it wasn't a joke and asked where the briefcase was, but Klaus had destroyed it, Five stated that it was very important and had to get back but unfortunately for Five, Klaus walked away, completely ignoring him because of what he had gone through.

Later on, he bumped into Diego and asked to give him a ride since he couldn't drive, and Diego, not even bothered to argue anymore, just agreed in silence as Klaus went to get his things. During the drive, Diego asked Klaus if he was okay, Klaus ignored him and drank, shocked, Diego stated that Klaus had never been quiet since they were 12 when Klaus was said to have used Grace's heels while running down the stairs which made him trip and break his jaw. Diego asked how long his jaw was wired shut, Klaus answered quietly "eight weeks", he then told Diego to just drop him off, and then entered VFW Lakeshore Post B392 for veterans of foreign wars. Klaus entered, took a shot then went to look at a picture of war veterans which had Klaus and Dave on it, Klaus then teared up, remembering what had happened during the war and kissed a logo of Airborne, Sky Soldiers, which was interrupted by Diego wanting Klaus to open up to him, to talk to him, which again was rudely interrupted by a vet who made them leave, stating the bar was for veterans only, but Klaus argued, saying that he too was a veteran, but of course the old man was skeptical and again harshly told them to leave but Klaus talked back calling him an asshole which made the old man mad but luckily, Diego stopped him and told him to calm down and let them go. The old man agreed but only unless Klaus apologized, but instead, Diego apologized for him, but the old man said he needed Klaus to say it, and as Diego was trying to talk, Klaus interrupted by saying that the old man was right and "I'd like to apologize... that you... are depriving some village of their IDIOT!", and of course, this broke out to a fight.

Diego and Klaus were in the car, Diego commented on Klaus' "big mouth" and they got into a small argument with Klaus being a drug addict, how it's weakness and how Klaus was crying in the bar, and in anger, Klaus blurted out that he had lost someone, but Diego said that he was luckier than most because he could see them whenever. Diego and Klaus then saw Hazel and Klaus told him how Hazel and Cha-Cha had tortured him and that he barely got out with his life.

Diego and Klaus then stalked Hazel and Cha-cha, Diego told Klaus to stay in the car, but Klaus followed and asked Diego what the plan was, to which Diego replied, "I told you to stay in the car" and Klaus replied with "Yeah, but you also told me that licking nine-volt batteries would give me pubes". Diego then told Klaus to listen to him, go back to the car and that if he didn't come back in two minutes, he was dead and that Klaus should probably get help, then Diego almost got shot but then Klaus pulled him aside. They went back to the car, but their tires were shot.

Diego and Klaus were seen to have taken the ice cream truck since their car's tires were shot, they then used the ice cream truck to hit Hazel and Cha-cha, who was conversing with Luther and Five. Luther then took Diego and Klaus, only to enter their car and escape the scene, with Klaus flipping them off from the back window.[12]

Drug Withdrawals[]

Some of the events during Klaus' ten month stay in the past are revealed. Klaus had a flashback where he had just time travelled to A Shau Valley, Vietnam in 1968 and something had just exploded. Klaus got up and was forced to join the war, time skip, Klaus and Dave first meeting, introducing each other, clearly liking one another as Klaus tucked the briefcase under the chair.

Klaus was dancing and drinking at the club, constantly bumping into Dave and started partying together, looking into each other's eyes, passionately and probably drunk, then kissed. It then cut to see Klaus flushing his drugs down the toilet, tearing up a bit, only to be interrupted by Luther telling Klaus to come down for a family meeting, reminding Klaus that the world ends in three days. When they had all gathered, Klaus said that Five had mentioned the apocalypse but left out when it happened and called Five their little psycho and Allison asked Luther what Five saw and Luther answered that apparently, they fought whoever was responsible and completely changed the subject but Klaus interrupted, asking what had happened the first time they tried to fight the cause, and Luther, hesitating, quietly saying that they had died.

Klaus and Ben were talking on the couch as Luther and Diego were arguing in the back. Ben asked Klaus if he was okay, but Klaus said he felt great although looking very sick and tired, Ben said that he did not have to handle this alone and that he knew how much this meant to Klaus, but Klaus just ignored him and attempted to walk away only to hear Luther call out his name, so Klaus turned around and said sorry to which Luther replied with "So, what? You're giving up on the world, too?" and Klaus answered with "Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. Mm-hmm." and just walked away, seemingly in pain, probably because of withdrawals from his drug and alcohol addiction. Klaus went up to Diego's room and asked and convinced Diego to tie him up after tying Diego's shoes, in an attempt to get sober.

Diego was tying Klaus to a chair in a room that Diego said he hated. Klaus told Diego to tie it tighter and higher and Diego stated that if he saw an erection, he was out. Klaus laughed, Diego then said "End of the world and you want to get sober all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong man. Good by you. But I'd think you'd want to pop every pill on the planet." and Klaus replied that the thought did cross his mind, but, there was something he needed to do and it wouldn't work if he wasn't sober, Diego asked if it was about conjuring the one he lost and he asked "what was her name?" and Klaus paused to remember all the memories he had made with Dave, and then told Diego "HIS name was Dave." obviously saying that it was not a woman, but a man, and continued on to say that he soldiered with him. Diego paid no mind, accepting Klaus and proceeded to say that Dave must have been a very special person to put up with Klaus, Klaus laughed and described Dave in a very soft-toned and loving voice, talking to Diego about him, Diego also said how the people he liked were already dead and how he thought he let both his mother, Grace and who Klaus calls the lady cop, Detective Patch and then Diego walked away, only to have to untie Klaus again because he had to pee.

Klaus was seen untied, probably just got back from the bathroom, and as Diego tried to tie him up again, Klaus stood up, saying that it was a bad idea and that he just needed one last hit to ease him into it but Diego stopped him, punched him in the stomach, sit him down and tied him up again as Klaus was struggling and telling Diego to stop it, still facing withdrawal symptoms, telling Diego that he could conjure Patch, but Diego declined and told him that he could not conjure anything unless he was clean and that he did not want to see her until he could tell her that he had killed the "bastards that killed her." and gave Klaus a bucket to puke, pee, poop, whatever he needed, and left. Klaus, in attempt to escape, instead fell sidewards and remembered the war, remembered Dave's death, turning Dave around, seeing the bullet wound on his chest, screaming, crying out for medic, sobbing as he carressed Daves face, repeating "no", holding Dave close as Dave passed away in his arms.

Klaus managed to conjure Dave, finally doing it, finally seeing him again, only for it to reset like it never even happened. The day resetted from back when they were discussing the plan for the apocalypse, only difference was that Five appeared.[13]

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Cult following[]

When Klaus was transported to Dallas, 1960, he found himself alone with only his spirit brother, Ben, from February 1960 to November 1963, (when they and their siblings met again) thus missing three months to complete four years since his arrival in the sixties with his brother.

After stumbling upon a wealthy woman, Klaus became somewhat famous and amassed a large cult following momentarily. This led Klaus to turning away from drugs and alcohol — a feat which he was able to maintain for almost four years, up until November 1963.

Klaus' cult following afforded him great luxuries in the 1960s, ensuring his life is greatly different than it had previously been during 2019. Things quickly changed, however, when he learned that his siblings were, in fact, still alive. Allison learned that her sibling, Klaus, was still alive and visited him, explaining that she survived the transport, therefore their other siblings must've survived too.[14]

Relationship troubles[]

Back in Dallas, 1963, Klaus realized that he had a chance to prevent his younger lover, Dave, from joining the military and being killed. Klaus tried to explain to Dave in a diner — where he was eating with his conservatively homophobic uncle — that he shouldn't sign up despite thinking about it. Klaus tried to convince him not to enlist, but Dave was forced to punch him in the face.[15]

As a result, Klaus turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism for the first time in almost four years. Ben tried unsuccessfully to try and convince him not to, however he wasn't able to, and Klaus began turning back into his previous self.

Saving the Timeline[]

After he accepted that he and his family were responsible for the second apocalypse, Klaus agreed to help Five restore the timeline and prevent the second apocalypse. Ben was able to save Viktor from destroying the FBI building and thus, triggering the apocalypse, but was severely injured in the process. Ben told Viktor to pass a message on to Klaus: He was never holding him back; Ben was simply too scared to go to the light.[5]


Klaus is a damaged, fragile man who covers his pain with self-deprecating humor and cynical hedonism; and has rebelled against his father by refusing to be the hero he wanted him to be. He plays into the role of an unreliable, unrepentant leech and drug addict, and as a result his opinion is often dismissed by his siblings. However, he is shown to have a deeper insight than assumed and has even shown to be a voice of reason to his family's impulsive decisions.

At the same time, he seems to have a better, healthier mindset of his childhood. He acknowledges and accepts that his childhood was traumatic and moves forward without visibly dwelling on it too much. It is revealed that the primary reason for his addiction is because powers cause him to be plagued by horrific, frightening visions of dead people who constantly call out to him. The drugs and alcohol are the only things that are able to subdue his powers and make the visions stop. His loyalty to his siblings, especially Diego and Luther, is shown through his actions, though he does act like any sibling would by teasing and arguing with all six of the other Hargreeves children.

He is deeply cynical and constantly making jokes to deal with his trauma, much to the annoyance of those around him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Klaus currently does not have any powers after the reset of the universe.[16][17]

Former Powers[]

  • Mediumship: Klaus (while sober) had the ability to communicate with spirits those who are in the afterlife. Ironically, he is afraid of the dead, so he uses alcohol and drugs to self-medicate and keep his powers dampened. Although, often throughout the series, Klaus is shown talking with his deceased brother, Ben, who seems to be the only spirit he is not afraid of. When speaking with Sir Reginald in the afterlife, Klaus was told that he had barely scratched the surface of their power's potential. As a result of the reset universe, he, alongside the rest of his family, no longer possesses his powers.
    • Evocation: Klaus was also able to conjure spirits and manifest them into the real world. In his first attempt, when trying to summon Sir Reginald at the funeral, Klaus stated he couldn't do it because he was high. Also, because Reginald was too stubborn to get a hold of. With his newfound attempts to remain sober, Klaus was able to physically interact with Ben's spirit for the first time. This later further evolved where he was able to manifest Ben's spirit into the real world, though temporarily. In an alternate 1963, he was able to conjure deceased American soldiers into fighting Soviet soldiers. After he was blasted back by Lila's energy wave, Klaus was also able to conjure two spirits into catching him in their arms just before he hit the ground.
      • Spectrokinesis: Klaus was able to manipulate and destroy spirits. In the episode 'Auf Wiedersehen', he was able to destroy spirits that were chasing them in the graveyard.
        • Communing: Klaus was able to communicate with spirits.
        • Spirit Summoning: Klaus was able to summon spirits from the afterlife in order to communicate with them and/or to do their bidding.
    • Death Whisper: Klaus was able to listen to the voices of the dead.
  • Retroactive Immortality: Klaus used to be immortal in the sense that when he died, he wouldn't stay dead. This is the result of self-resurrection. In the episode ‘The Day That Was’ Klaus followed his drunken, desperate brother Luther in an attempt to stop him from getting high. He finds him at a rave high anyway and dancing with a woman which leaves an angry boyfriend. Klaus jumps on the man's back but gets thrown off and hits his head. He is shown to wake up to a girl/God apparently in the afterlife and she claims that ‘he doesn’t run her the right way’ and so she doesn’t like him. She tricks him into meeting Reginald where his dad then confirms that he's ‘already dead’ but later on he wakes up on the dance floor after being sent back to life. Klaus subsequently discovered that he was effectively immortal, resurrecting himself every time that he died. While in the beginning it took around 22 minutes for him to come back from the afterlife. After training with his father, Klaus could now revive himself almost instantly. However, he lost this ability after the universe was reset, making him mortal again.
    • Self-Resurrection: Klaus was able to revive himself upon death either instantly or after some time. Originally, he would stay dead for a long time (roughly an hour), but after dying more times, he was able to resurrect himself faster and could self-resurrect in a matter of seconds.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: Every time Klaus came back from the dead, all injuries that his body has sustained would slowly heal, including broken bones and internal damage. If his body is disintegrated to dust, it will materialize a new one out of thin air once he comes back from the dead.


  • Skilled Combatant: Like many of his siblings, Klaus possesses a level of physical and combative training, but is among the weakest in terms of fighting skills.
  • Skilled Lockpicker: Klaus is very skilled at lockpicking. He claims that he is capable of lockpicking with just his teeth.


See also: Klaus and Ben, Klaus and Dave, and Klaus and Viktor

Differences Between Comics[]

  • In the show, Klaus only has mediumship, evocation, and immortality. In the comics, Klaus has mediumship, telekinesis, limited telepathy, and evocation.
  • Klaus' appearance quite differs from his comic book counterpart. In the series, Klaus has dark brown hair (which is grown out during the second and third seasons) and green eyes. In the comics, he has very pale skin, natural light brown hair and blue eyes, as well as a hook nose. He also wore sunglasses in the comics.


  • Although Klaus's gender identity is not stated in the series, Robert Sheehan has stated that Klaus is "not necessarily a man" and "not bound by traditional societal norms like 'man', 'woman', 'masculinity', 'femininity'",[8] and later stated that Klaus uses the pronouns "he/him".[18]


  • Because Klaus spent 10 months in Vietnam in 1968 and was thrown back in time the farthest to 1960, Klaus is technically the second oldest amongst the siblings after Five.
  • As his immortality had been constantly active since before the series began, this would mean that Klaus survived both the Original Timeline's apocalypse and the 1963 apocalypse and would have survived the Handler's attack. He has also died the most out of their siblings.
  • Klaus is the first of the 43 children to have a confirmed biological surname, that being Herschberger.
  • While all members of the Umbrella Academy were raised in the United States, Klaus was the only one to actually be born there.
  • Klaus' actions had inadvertently caused major impacts throughout the series.
    • He threw away Reginald's diary while looking for money, accidentally allowing Leonard to find it and discover Viktor's suppressed powers, triggering the apocalypse.
    • His attempt to reunite with Sparrow Ben (believing him to be Umbrella Ben) accidentally caused the fight between the Umbrellas and Sparrows.
    • He taught Reginald how to avoid taking his pills, unaware that this would cause Reginald to restart Project Oblivion as the pills subdued him.



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