Jill is a member of the Children of Destiny cult and a former crush of Ben Hargreeves. Jill ultimately left behind an internship to join Klaus' cult. She made new friends like Keechie, and was secretly admired by Ben's spirit. Unknowingly, she rejoiced with Ben, who was possessing Klaus' body. That was the last time she saw him, before he left to return to 2019.

Background and History

Joining the Children of Destiny cult

Jill was offered an Albright scholarship to Berkeley, but declined the scholarship to join the Children of Destiny cult. Because of her choice, her parents refused to talk to her again. She, and the other cult members followed Klaus around the world and traveled via bus.

Klaus' Fraudulence

Klaus soon gathers his followers and admits that he is a fraud and that everything they believe in is fake. But Jill and the others take it the wrong way and admit that they are also frauds. Soon after, Jill brings Dave to Klaus.

Interaction with Ben

Later that week, Jill saw Ben (in Klaus' body) making snow-angles in the dirt. Excitedly, she joined him in the activity. Jill gave Ben strawberries and they chatted for a while. She let him smell her hair, and soon Jill suggested that they have sexual intercourse, which Ben refused. Jill started kissing him, but they were soon interrupted by Diego, who had come to get Klaus, and Jill was displeased that Ben left.


Jill is a very unique and sweet person. As naive as she is, she is very clever and kind. She has an adventurous personality. She idolizes Klaus for his "scriptures" and is loyal to him, treating him as if he is a liege. She was given a scholarship at Berkeley, which hints that she may be very smart and clever. As smart as she is, she has some quirks that make her stand out among the rest. She has a bright personality and loves to participate in fun and weird activities. She's a great people-person. She offers great advice that people always come to her for.



Ben showed and special interest in her. While Klaus didn't even acknowledge her existence, Ben knew everything about her. They interacted for a while, and Jill even suggested they have sexual intercourse, but Ben hesitated, cognizant that she only saw him as Klaus. Jill was very nice with him, as they gave each other compliments. But she thought it was very unbecoming of him to leave.


Jill is a devoted follower of Klaus. She memorized all of his Vedas, and pored herself over his "teachings." She has even committed every part of his body to her memory. She gave up a once in a lifetime opportunity just so she could follow him all over the world. She is very dedicated to him, even though he doesn't recognize her or even know she exists.


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