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Herb is an employee of the Temps Commission who specializes in analytics and later served as its temporary Chair.


Herb was assigned to be the Handler's supervisor following her demotion.

When the Handler later took over the Commission by eliminating the Board of Directors, he continued to secretly work with a group of other employees to resist her coup. He later found Diego Hargreeves and was forced to help him use the Infinite Switchboard to see how changes to the timeline would result in a nuclear apocalypse in 1963. Herb introduced him to the group and provided him the means to escape the Commission using a briefcase they had managed to salvage.

During a later meeting in the Handler's office, Herb got a message from Carmichael to find the file on the murder of the parents of the Handler's adoptive daughter Lila. He then ran into Lila who put a knife to his throat and threatened to kill him if he didn't tell her where Diego was. He then passed on the document to Lila, although Carmichael's plan backfired and the Handler killed him for his attempted treachery.

Herb and Dot at the Cooper farm.

When the Handler went off to face the Umbrella Academy and was killed, Herb was voted temporary Chair of the Commission until a new Board of Directors could be elected. He and Dot teleported to the scene of the battle to confirm that the Handler was indeed dead and to give Diego and Number Five the good news. In gratitude for the Academy's services, Herb granted their request to use a briefcase to go back to their own time, offering any one of those left by the Handler's agents.[1]


Herb seemed more relaxed than the other members of the Temps Commission, especially the Handler. Wheras the other members of the Commission ruled with an iron fist, Herb was more relaxed and believed that the Commission could work for everyone. When the Handler became the interim defacto-chair of the Board, Herb formed a small resistance group and told Diego that he didn't believe in the authoritarian rule of the Handler.

Furthermore, he agreed to help the Umbrella Academy on two occassions. Initially, he aided Diego in using the Infinite Switchboard to allow him to see forward in time, however it is unknown if this is due to Herb's caring nature or the threat of Diego if he didn't abide.[2] Secondly, after assuming control of the Temps Commission, Herb allowed Five to take one of the briefcases and return his family to their rightful place within the timline. He had also developed a secret handshake with Diego, showing that he cared for, and was able to co-exist with enemies of the Temps Commission.[1]


  • Ken Hall, who portrays Herb, also served as the motion capture performer for Pogo.
  • Herb formed a small resistance group against the Handler.


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