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This article contains HEAVY SPOILERS for the Umbrella Academy series. Please read at your own risk.

Harlan Cooper is a recurring character in the second season of The Umbrella Academy. He is a non-verbal autistic child who grows close with Vanya Hargreeves when she is taken in by his parents, Sissy and Carl after the former hits her with her car.


Manifesting abilities

Harlan seems like an ordinary kid when Vanya is taken into the Cooper house. Harlan immediately connects with her and sometimes, she is the only one that can halt his episodes. After Vanya and his mother get into a debate over their relationship and feelings, Harlan runs from the farm house and finds himself at the lake; Vanya finds him moments later at the bottom of the lake having drowned.

Vanya gives Harlan CPR.

Vanya uses her abilities to part the water and rescues Harlan from the bottom, but is distraught to find that he is no longer breathing and is unresponsive. Vanya attempts CPR, but is shocked to find Harlan absorbing some of her energy. He is able to regurgitate the water moments later and begins breathing again as Sissy arrives on the scene.

Harlan later begins experiencing strange abilities which are flagged on the Temps Commission's Infinite Switchboard; Vanya also begins having visions of Harlan screaming her name. Vanya and the other members of the Umbrella Academy go to help Harlan, and Vanya finds him unable to control his abilities. After a fight between the Commission and the Umbrella Academy — which the Academy eventually win — Vanya tells Harlan that she is able to take back the energy she gave him and fix him. He obliges and she takes back the energy, returning Harlan as a regular child without abilities. However, while driving to a new life with his mother, he telekinetically floats a toy above his hand.[1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinesis: After having Vanya remove her powers from him, Harlan is shown to retain telekinetic abilities, effortlessly spinning a toy above his hand. This appeared to be connected to his former ability of absorbing and manipulating sound, due to the same resonating sound produced from both powers.


  • Sound Absorption: Like Vanya who he got his powers from, Harlan's powers were reliant on him being in contact with sound.
    • Sound Projection: Harlan is able to use sound waves and vibrations to devastating effects, such as repelling objects. When his father almost hit him with a bullet, Harlan produced a small shockwave in a moment of fear, propelling the bullet through his father's chest.
      • Force-Field Generation: At the family farm, Harlan unleashed a continuous burst of sonic energy that formed a sort of energy shield, and he was stuck in the center.
      • Levitation: Harlan can cause himself to hover/float in the air unassisted, allowing him to seamlessly float in the air and prevent his body from making contact with the ground below. He displayed this ability inside of his Forcefield.


Vanya Hargreeves

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Vanya and Harlan had an increasingly close relationship, and she seemed at times one of the only ones able to control his episodes; the two frequently connected even when his mother, Sissy, couldn't connect with him. Vanya seemed increasingly distressed and heartbroken when she found Harlan dead having drowned, and was able to transfer her ability to him in an effort to bring him back to life.



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