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"War. Such a fascinating concept. A temporary salve for a permanent human flaw."
—The Handler[src]

The Handler was a high ranking member of the Temps Commission and is the main antagonist of Season 2. She was frequently seen dealing personally with matters concerning Number Five and the apocalypse, despite not being the case leader.

The Handler had a clear agenda in her belief that time should not be changed, going to extreme lengths to maintain the timeline and ensure nothing is changed.


Early career[]

The Handler held a high ranking position within the Temps Commission under the authority of Board of Directors headed by Carmichael. She burned her rugae and had to be on a diet.

She dealt on numerous occasions with Number Five, including in his hiring to the Temps Commission. The Handler introduces herself as a member of the Commission, explaining that they do everything in their power to preserve the timeline and ensure nothing is changed. When Five asks why they do not try and avert the apocalypse, she remarks that time is fixed and, despite any intervention, the apocalypse will always happen.

On one occasion, she forged Carmichael's authorization to have Five kill Lila's parents. She adopted Lila as her own daughter, and trained her as her operative, telling her that her parents had been killed in a robbery.

Five later betrays the Temps Commission, using their resources to get back to his time, eight days prior to the apocalypse.

Events of The Umbrella Academy[]

In retaliation for Five's betrayal of their deal, The Handler puts out a hit on Five, taken care of personally by Hazel and Cha Cha; Five is easily able to evade them, however, which puts The Handler in a dangerous position. Again, The Handler offers Five a deal, offering Five a managerial position within the Temps Commission; Five agrees in return for his family's safety.[1]

Returning with Five to the Temps Commission, she introduces him to his new role as case manager. Handler follows Five even in the bathroom, she confess having a strange disease that makes her have urination a lot of times, so she pees at the right cubicle of Five, right seconds later that he realize that the files were fake. Five is quick to betray her once again, however, and when The Handler realizes Five's plan, a gun fight ensues between the two and The Handler is left scarred when Five uses explosives to escape.[2]

The Handler later confronts Hazel and Cha-Cha as they turn against each other. Hazel shoots the Handler in the head when she threatens his lover Agnes Rofa's life. While having apparently been killed, the Handler had survived thanks to a metal plate that had been implanted at an earlier time in her life. The shooting initially left her partially paralyzed but she managed to recover over time.

Upon her return to the Commission three months later, Carmichael informs the Handler that she had been demoted because of her failures. Unable to accept this, she initiates a plan to take over the Commission. She has Lila get close to Diego while in 1963 and makes a deal with Five to kill the Commission's Board of Directors.

The Handler fight

The Handler orders the agents to attack.

After the Umbrella Academy averts the apocalypse, the Handler travels back in time to 1963 with Lila and an army of agents. Viktor takes out the agents, but the Handler sets Lila upon them while she attempts to recruit Harlan for his power. Failing, the Handler enters the barn and shoots all of the siblings, killing them aside from a mortally wounded Five. Having learned the truth, Lila confronts her mother who kills Lila before being shot dead by the last Swedish assassin.

Remembering Reginald's advice about using his powers, Five rewinds time by a few minutes to just before the Handler enters the barn. This time, Five disarms the Handler before she can start shooting and holds her at gunpoint. Lila confronts her mother again, but before the Handler can answer her, she is shot and killed by the assassin.



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