This article is about the human from the Netflix series. You may be looking for Mom from the comic series or the robot version that appears in the first season.

Grace is a former liaison of Sir Reginald Hargreeves and the woman who her robot counterpart is based on.

Throughout The Umbrella Academy

In The Majestic 12, Diego encounters the human version of Grace at a gala. When he asks if she knows Reginald, she mentions that he is her date for the evening. They engage in a brief conversation before Grace leaves, as Diego mentions it was nice meeting her.

In A Light Supper, Diego once again encounters her and tells her about Reginald's apparent plan to assassinate JFK. This causes Grace to become suspicious, and after snooping around, she finds a secret room filled with mysterious pictures. Reginald discovers what she's doing, Grace confronts him about the photos, and Reginald tells her there are parts of his life that he cannot disclose with her at the moment, but he will eventually. Grace says she can't wait that long and leaves, seemingly breaking up with Reginald.


Grace is a warm woman with a kind personality. Unlike her robot counterpart, this version of Grace has a Texas southern accent, given that she presumably grew up in Dallas.


Sir Reginald Hargreeves

Grace has a brief relationship with Reginald in 1963. After discovering Reginald's apparent plan to harm JFK, she loses trust in him and breaks up with him. Reginald would later build a robot version of her, who would serve as a housewife and nanny for his adopted children.

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