David “Dave” Joseph Katz is a character who later becomes a love of Klaus after the latter time traveled and landed in the A Shau Valley in 1968 in the middle of the Vietnam War, where Dave happened to be fighting. The two fell in love, but ultimately Dave was killed in battle from a gunshot wound to the back, leaving Klaus to hopelessly scream for a medic as Dave died in his arms.


Dave, according to Cody Ray Thompson, was born in Wisconsin in 1940.

The first appearance of Dave is after Klaus first travels to 1968, Vietnam. He’s shown in his bed, confused and intrigued by Klaus’ sudden appearance.

Dave later falls in love with Klaus, and it seems they both confess in a nightclub. The time period that they had known each other for that point is unknown.

After Dave’s death, Klaus is able to manifest him as a ghost, but this moment is erased from time when Five travels back in order to escape the Commission and solve the apocalypse.

As shown on his dog tags, Dave's surname is Katz, and he is of the Jewish faith.

Alternate timeline

In Dallas 1963, Klaus attempts to stop a younger Dave from enlisting for the Vietnam War, which in the original timeline, he did on the day that Kennedy was assassinated.[1] After talking to him in a diner, Dave's uncle pressures him into punching Klaus in the face, causing him to leave. Later, Dave comes to Klaus' mansion and apologises. However, when Klaus reveals he knows some of Dave's personal secrets, he becomes angry at him and reveals that he had already signed up to go to war, and it is unknown what happened to him afterwards.



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