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Claire is the daughter of Patrick and Allison. She is currently living with her father.


Claire lived with her married parents Patrick and Allison (#3 -The Rumor). Whenever she misbehaved, her mother would use her powers to get her to calm down. She liked hearing tales of the Umbrella Academy and would ask for them before bedtime. One evening when she claimed she wasn't tired and wanted yet another story, her mother used her 'I heard a rumor' power to get her to feel tired.

Unfortunately for their family, Patrick saw the whole thing and grew upset with her mother. When her parents separated, Patrick won custody and refused to let her see her mother.

Due to her mother time-traveling to Dallas of 1963, she gained a step-father in Raymond Chestnut.


  • She is only featured in the Netflix series.
  • She is only seen in one flashback.
  • She is under full custody of her father, Patrick.
  • Because of the alterations to the timeline (specifically Reginald not adopting Allison), its unclear and not yet clarified if Claire still exists in the new timeline shown at the end of Season 2.