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This article is about Cha-Cha from the Dark Horse comics. You may be looking for Cha Cha from the Netflix series.

Cha-Cha is a psychotic hitman for the Temps Aeternalis, and the partner in crime of Hazel.


Early life

At some point, Cha-Cha joined the Temps Aeternalis as a hitman, and was partnered up with Hazel. He and Hazel are tasked to eliminate people who "mess with the timeline". Cha-Cha has a love for sugar, specifically donuts. He frequently complains about "Corporate" and the diminishing benefits of each job.


The 1980 Mission

When Hazel and Cha-Cha were dispatched on a mission to 1980 to acquire Number Five for his services, they instead found his brother Klaus, who they tried torturing into telling them where Five was. Klaus didn't know, but he gave the pair the codes to the country's arsenal of nuclear missiles, which his father was given by John F. Kennedy in 1963. Hazel gleefully activated, causing a timer to begin counting down to the apocalypse. Hazel then shot Klaus in the head, who was sent back from Heaven by God, who decided he didn't like him. Klaus then possessed Cha-Cha and shot Hazel in the head.[1][2]

However, when Number Five and the Rumor traveled back in time and killed President Kennedy, the timeline was altered. Hazel and Cha-Cha were never dispatched on the mission to 1980, and were thus never killed by the Séance.[3]

Saving Christmas

Cha-Cha was dispatched on a mission with Hazel to a past Christmas to kill a rogue Temps agent trying to change history. They succeeded in killing him, preventing him from revealing that Santa Claus is real, but Cha-Cha also helped his friend change his own personal timeline, leaving a trombone under a young Hazel's Chistman tree as a present. It is unclear how this changed Cha-Cha's timeline in accordance with Hazel's, if at all.[4]


  • In the Netflix adaptation, the characters of Cha-Cha and Hazel are switched. Symbolically this is shown by the reversal of their masks; in the show, the blue bear mask belongs to Hazel and the pink dog belongs to Cha-Cha.
    • His gender is also different, as Cha-Cha is a woman instead of man.