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Carl Cooper was the husband of Sissy Cooper and the neglectful father of Harlan Cooper. He is the tertiary antagonist of the second season of Umbrella Academy. He becomes skeptical of the relationship between Sissy and Vanya Hargreeves, which eventually drives a wedge between their relationship.



Marriage with Sissy

Carl enjoyed a stable relationship with Sissy prior to Sissy hitting Vanya with her car and inviting her into the household. Their relationship quickly begins to deteriorate, however, when Vanya drives a wedge between their relationship.

Carl quickly becomes aware of the relationship between Sissy and Vanya Hargreeves, and tells Vanya that she will call it off, or he will send Harlan Cooper, to an institution better suited to his needs. This is enough for Vanya to tell Sissy, and the two plan on leaving Carl together.


After Carl manages to send Vanya away, Harlan begins experiencing strange sensations wherein he blacks-out and exclaims Vanya's name. Carl deems this odd and tries to take Harlan away to an institution. Sissy threatens him with a shotgun to prevent him, and because of Carl the gun ends up going off in Harlan's direction. With the help of the energy absorbed from Vanya, Harlan is able to deflect the bullet, which hits Carl, killing him immediately.



Carl and Sissy enjoyed a stable relationship prior to Vanya living in their house for a while. Eventually, their marriage broke down, and Sissy exclaimed to Vanya that she no longer loved Carl, but couldn't muster the strength to leave him.

Carl eventually finds out about the relationship between Sissy and Vanya, and tells Vanya to call it off, or risk harming Harlan.


Carl showed little emotion towards Harlan, and rarely interacted with him. He seemed to have no qualms about sending Harlan to an institution. This, however, was prevented by Sissy and Vanya. He also had no issue with shooting Harlan out of spite towards Sissy


  • He is portrayed by Stephen Bogaert who also acted in X-Men: Apocalypse as General Hastings.



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