• Waldamel156

    Who is funnier?

    January 12, 2020 by Waldamel156

    Klaus Ben Five Diego Allison Luther Vanya Hazel Cha-cha

    or are they all hilarious?

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  • GeorgeEnwin.Jr


    December 18, 2019 by GeorgeEnwin.Jr

    Greeting, fellow Umbrella Academy fans.

    As i looking through this wiki, i noticed that it really didn't have any administrator nor bureaucrat either. As the series will grow bigger with the upcoming season 2 of the Netflix series, as well as the comic book itself, i think the wiki could really be benefit for having at least an active staff.

    Therefore, i decided to adopting the wiki so i can set a couple things up. The first thing is, of course, policies and guidelines, considering that many articles on this wiki had been repeatedly vandalism. The second thing is CSS and stuff, just to modified some thing and that. The most important point of this adoption is so this wiki can have an active admin, to watch over this wiki for a period of time.


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