"I've readied your ship, Number One. Will you be requiring your laser pistol?"
"Yes. And Ben? Remind me to reprogram you when I get back… only my father calls me Number One."
—Ben and Spaceboy[src]

Ben is a robot who serves at Annihilation Control alongside Spaceboy.


Ben is a robot who served at Annihilation Control on the Moon as Spaceboy's servant. He addressed Spaceboy as "Number One." Ben informed Spaceboy that Dr. Pogo was calling for him, a call that would ultimately reveal that Sir Reginald Hargreeves had died. Ben readied Spaceboy's ship for the trip to Earth. As he prepared to leave, Spaceboy asked Ben to remind him to have the robot reprogrammed when he returned since he wanted to stop Ben calling him "Number One," since it was a name that only his father used.[1]


Ben is presumably named after Spaceboy's deceased brother, Ben Hargreeves.


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