Axel is a character in season 2 of the Netflix show, "The Umbrella Academy". Axel is played by Canadian actor, Kris Holden.

Axel is part of a group called "The Swedes". Axel is believed the be the oldest of the the 3 brothers that make up this group. They work for The Commission, where they are assigned missions to terminate people to make sure that everything happening the way its supposed to, AKA, to ensure that the apocalypse happens.


Both of Axel's brothers are dead by the end of the season. His youngest brother, Oscar gets blown up after stepping on a booby trap. Axel is forced by Allison Hargreeves to kill his second brother, Otto, when she uses her powers to rumor him. Later, we see Axel holding an axe, considering chopping off his hand that he used to kill his own brother. Toward the end of the season, Axel kills the Handler. In his last scene, Axel is seen hitching a ride on a bus belonging to Klaus's cult, Destiny's Children.


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