Agnes Rofa is a former employee of Griddy's Doughnuts and the current love interest of Hazel.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Agnes' life from before the start of the series. However, she does reveal that she has been working at Griddy's for numerous years prior to the start of the series.

The Umbrella AcademyEdit

When first seen, she is working at Griddy's Doughnuts as a waitress and baker. In her free time, she loves to go bird watching. Her dream is to eventually save up enough money to quit her job, move to the countryside and start a vegetable garden and bakery there.

Hazel meets her when he and Cha-Cha are sent to 2019 to stop Five from preventing the apocalypse. Hazel slowly starts to develop feelings for Agnes, and she in turn for him. Eventually, knowing the apocalypse is imminent and they must make most of what time they have, he convinces Agnes not to wait any longer and pursue her dreams now. 

Thus, Agnes quits her job and the two leave the city, while an enraged Cha-Cha vows to kill them both. They first stop at a motel, where Hazel instructs her to wait for him while he will try to stop the apocalypse. While he's gone, Cha-Cha finds Agnes and takes her hostage. When Hazel returns, he and Cha-Cha get into a fight. Agnes is almost killed but saved when the Handler freezes time and breaks up the fight.

Agnes is then taken hostage by the Handler, who wants Cha-Cha and Hazel to continue their mission. Hazel goes rogue again and kills the Handler, thus saving Agnes. Agnes, despite having learned about Hazel's past, forgives him. They are last seen teleporting away to an unknown time and place just before they would have been killed by the destruction of the moon.



Hazel and Agnes are currently in a romantic relationship. Hazel grows fond of Agnes and eventually, believes that he should spend more time doing what he likes, rather than the Temps Commissions bidding; this eventually causes a rift between Hazel and Cha-Cha. They eventually attempt to run away together to the countryside, however, this plan is initially foiled by Cha-Cha.


  • In the comics, Agnes is middle-aged rather than elderly as depicted in the series. In Apocalypse Suite, she merely serves as a witness to the Boy’s combat of the Temps Aeternalis men. Any romantic relationship with Hazel is absent in the comic; there, he beats her to death.


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