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"A Light Supper" is the sixth episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy, and the sixteenth overall.


Allison gives Ray a peek at her powers, Dave visits Klaus's compound, the Handler offers Five a deal, and the siblings meet their father for dinner.



A flashback to 1961 shows the moment Allison landed in Dallas following Five's failed transportation. She immediately heads into a diner across the street to find it is "white-only". Allison is confused at the notion and heads out of the diner only to be cat-called by numerous white men. She assaults the white men when they touch her and runs off in the opposite direction as they chase her. She finds herself seeking solace at Odessa's, the hair salon, and when the men enter, Odessa and the other women threaten them with scissors and warn them away.

Some time later, Allison finds herself sweeping the floor of the salon performing other duties for the activisim group; it is here she meets Raymond Chestnut, her future husband. Miles hands her a flyer for the activism group and this marks the first time she is noticed by Raymond, who approaches her shortly after and introduces himself.

Back in the present, the Handler explains that she wants to make a deal: in exchange for Five and the Umbrella Academy assassinating the board of the Temps Commission, she will get Five and his family back to 2019 where they belong. Five asks about both apocalypses but the Handler says if she is in charge they can avoid all complications. Five questions when the next meeting is, and agrees to think about the proposal.

Diego and Vanya think it would be a good idea to meet their father at the dinner, but Luther is against the idea and remarks that it could be a trap. Luther explains all of the bad things that Reginald did to Vanya in an effort to turn her against him, but this only excites her and increases her urge to meet him. Diego suggests they go meet their father with a united front.

Klaus is still hanging with his cult. After a discussion with Ben, he tells them all he is a fraud and that he’s been lying all along. Keechie, one of the cult followers, stands up and says he is a fraud too. The followers do not understand what he is saying and they all stand up and tell Klaus that they, too are frauds, believing this to be a part of his movement. Dave and Jill then arrive at the place which catches Klaus and Ben off guard.

Allison tells Raymond everything, including that in the future there is a black president in the White House, which Raymond is reluctant to believe. Raymond wants Allison to prove her powers, and they head to a suit shop for "whites only" and she convinces the owner to let Raymond try on suits. Raymond is impressed again but then Allison goes into the white-only cafe that started the riot and tells the manager to serve her coffee and forces him to burn himself. The manager scalds his hands with hot coffee and Raymond stops her from continuing. He asks her if she has ever used her powers on him but she denies ever doing that. Raymond was still suspicious of her denial.

Lila and the Handler play bingo, and Lila expresses jealousy at the Handler's remark that Five is the best assassin the Commission has ever seen; she remarks that she should've been given the assignment instead. Lila asks about Diego and the Handler accuses her of having an eye for him. She denies this, but the Handler questions if she would kill him if asked.

Klaus is unable to handle his emotions, conflicted by love that he hasn’t technically experienced in this timeline yet, and turns to alcohol whilst Ben tries to calm him. Ben becomes angry when Klaus tells him that he sounds like Reginald. He runs to tackle Klaus, but instead of tackling him, Ben ends up possessing Klaus. Dave apologizes to Klaus for what happened in the cafe, he asks how Klaus knows about the war. In an attempt to prove how much he knows about him, Klaus remarks that "I know that sometimes you feel like an outsider in your family". Klaus tells Dave that he doesn’t need to prove himself by going to war and shows him a necklace that proves he fought in battle. Dave tells Klaus that he has already enlisted after he visited him. Keechie then gives him an invitation to his Reginald's supper.

The Handler visits the Swedes in a steam room and mentions how they’ve just lost a brother and offers to give them the location of the person that killed their brother. She says it was Diego and she wants them to kill him so he leaves her daughter Lila alone. She tells them to not kill the little one, Five.

The members of the Umbrella Academy arrive at Reginald's house for the supper. Each of the siblings disagrees about what they should talk with Reginald about. Shortly after, Reginald arrives and asks "Who are you?". Five explains that he is their father and that he adopted them to save the world. Reginald is reluctant to believe them and asks for proof that they have powers. Five breaks down all their powers and Vanya proves hers despite everyone telling her not to.

Diego accuses his father of trying to assassinate President Kennedy but his father reminds him that he has suffered from induced paranoia and has recently left the hospital. Diego shows his father a photo of him at the same spot when the President is shot. Reginald calls Diego a desperate, delusional man which hurts him. Five raises how there will be doomsday in five days but their father mocks them and tells the group to do something about it if it’s real. Ben then tries to use Klaus' body by possessing him to speak to his father but fails.

Reginald has a private drink with Five and calls him the most sensible of the group. Five asks for help and asks his father what he knows about time travel. Reginald suggests that instead of traveling back years, Five should travel back seconds. He states that so much can change in a matter of seconds which is not very helpful for Five who is trying to change more than a few seconds. Five states that he gave his father a hard time as a kid and the both of them have a drink.

Elliott is attacked by Axel and Otto who ask for Diego's location. Elliott is reluctant to reveal anything and is attacked by the two men.

Vanya sees Sissy outside in the parking lot. Sissy asks her to talk inside their car. They talk more and Vanya promises to protect her and Harlen. Sissy agrees and says she promises she just needs a little bit more time. Then they kiss. Carl Cooper (Sissy's husband) caught them kissing from a distance. He looks disappointed but doesn't confront them.

Diego and Luther arrive later and find blood all over the floor. Luther finds Elliott in the dentist chair dead. Looking over at the balcony, they see a message in blood left by the Swedes spelling out "Öga för Öga" meaning "Eye for Eye".



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  • The episode was originally to be titled "The Singapore Sling".[1]
  • While the lines spoken by the Handler and the Swedes in the steam room scene are in correct Swedish, the actors clearly don't know the language and pronounce the words with hilarious inaccuracy.
  • Klaus's reference to DUNE being Dave's favorite book is anachronistic, as it was not published until 1965, two years AFTER the assassination of JFK. This explains why Dave claimed to have never heard of the book.



  • “Won’t Be Long” - Aretha Franklin
  • “Hold On, I’m Comin’” - Sam and Dave
  • “I Live Alone” - Bob Cox
  • “The Order of Death” - Public Image Ltd.
  • “In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company” - The Dead South