"743" is the ninth episode in the second season of The Umbrella Academy.


As the Fives plot against each other, one of the siblings makes a big sacrifice to help Vanya, and Lila learns the truth about her parents.



Allison, Diego and Klaus struggle to get to Vanya, who is being tortured by the FBI and losing control of her powers. Allison and Diego both try to get to Vanya, but fail. As the only one left, Klaus uses all of his strength to get to Vanya, but is also knocked back. When all looks bleak, Ben arrives and is seemingly unaffected by Vanya's abilities.

Present, younger Five talks to Luther about how Previous Five is plotting to kill him; Luther tells Five that he thinks that he might be suffering from paradox psychosis, and he admits to Luther that he might not fully be in his right mind. As older Five sets up to assassinate the president, Luther is conflicted over which of the Fives he should be protecting.

Herb confesses to the Handler about everything Diego did while he was at the Commission. He notices "743" in A.J.'s tank, and goes to try and find a file. Lila is reminded about her and Handler's deal. Lila realises that the Handler only allowed Diego to stay knowing that Diego will eventually cause trouble and Lila would have to kill him cause of the agreement they had. The Handler knew this was the only way to get Lila to kill Diego. The Handler questions Lila over if they can trust each other at all times, and Lila remarks that she can.

Ben approaches Vanya and is able to make contact and possess her. Vanya's powers have been affecting Harlan, who keeps repeating her name over and over. Carl drags him away, remarking that he is taking him to an institution to get the help he needs, but Sissy confronts him with a gun.

Herb confesses to Lila about how Diego went, and how he escaped. Herb explains that he helped him escape to help his family, and Lila reveals that she won't actually kill Diego as she loves him. He shows her what he found in file 743, which shocks Lila to her core.

Present Five approaches previous Five who is just about to assassinate JFK. Much to Luther's annoyance, Five tries to get the briefcase but is prevented by past Five, who travels out of the way and tries to shoot Five. Five kicks Luther in the crotch and incapacitates him as the two versions of Five begin fighting.

Inside of Vanya's subconscious, Ben discovers the "white violin", and then Vanya herself locked away within her mind. Vanya tells him that she remembers everything about what happened before the car accident, and begins to cry when she realises that she is, yet again, causing the apocalypse. He shows sympathy, telling her that Reginald treated her like a bomb before she ever was one. He also tells her that her siblings are outside trying to save her, which makes her feel better. Ben comforts his sister, telling her she's not alone and can do this.

Suddenly, Ben begins to dissolve. He remarks that he cannot return with her, and that it is finally time for him to move on as he should've done seventeen years ago. As he disappears, he asks Vanya to hug him, and asks her to tell Klaus something for him. He whispers something into Vanya's ear, and Vanya hugs him as he dissolves into the afterlife.

Still holding a gun out, Sissy orders Carl to get out of car. Carl questions if she loves Vanya, and Sissy admits without shame that she does love Vanya, and he should let her go. Carl is angry, citing that he did everything he could for her, but Sissy tells him to let her go once more. Sissy is distracted by Harlan getting out of the car, and this is enough for Carl to snatch the gun from Sissy and let out a bullet into Harlan's direction. Harlan is able to deflect the bullet, however — using abilities similar to Vanya's — and the bullet hits Carl through the chest.

Lila confronts the Handler about how she knows that Five was the one who killed her parents, and that A.J. was the one who gave the order — kill order 743. The Handler tries to manipulate Lila into thinking that Diego was sneaking around trying to hide the paper from her, and that they should solve the problem "once and for all". The Handler wanders over to A.J. and drops him in her mouth.

Luther ends the battle with the two Fives, but is conflicted over who he should trust. He uses the gun and knocks out the older Five, citing that Luther should open the portal. Five opens the portal to when Five previously arrived at the Umbrella Academy, and the two plan to throw older Five through.

Vanya wakes and asks if her siblings are okay; they remark that they are, and are happy she is too. Diego realises that JFK is still a few minutes away and that he will be able to save him, despite Allison telling him not to. Diego explains that saving JFK doesn't cause the apocalypse, and that his death will be for nothing.

Present Five tries to place previous Five in the vortex. Older Five agrees to go through the vortex if younger Five gives him the perfect math. Five remarks that he wrote down the math wrong by placing the decimal point in the wrong place. Five and Luther succeed, but damage the briefcase they were going to use to get back to 2019. Five and Luther watch from one angle as the rest of the other members of the Academy watch from the FBI building as the president turns onto the street. Diego tries to intercept Reginald but finds it is a decoy and the president is assassinated, much to Diego's dismay.

Reginald is furious that JFK has been assassinated. He arrives to meet the other members of the Majestic 12, and tells them that he was not to be touched as per their deal. He becomes increasingly furious with the members, and reveals that he is an interdimensional being; killing the remaining members of the Majestic 12 moments later.

Back at the Commission, the Handler hears about an anomaly, but becomes furious and stabs the man that tells her about it in the Infinite Switchboard Room in an attempt to keep it a secret. She then makes an announcement, telling the Commission to prepare for war. It then cuts to Sissy's barn, where Harlan is losing control of his newfound powers.



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  • The episode was originally to be titled "Jello-Time".[1]


  • “Dancing with Myself” - Generation X
  • “Here Comes the End” - Gerard Way & Judith Hill


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